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Friday, May 30, 2008

Importance of Lifelock in our Lives

More than 10 million people in the United States were victims of identity theft that cost of more than $% billion dollars. It is one type of the loyalest flourishing crime in America. I am sure that these figures are higher as identity theft cases are being reported other than in assorted areas.

Guys, before moving towards the solution on such identity theft, we have the must look at the meaning of it. It is criminal and against the violation of law. It takes place when a person knowingly transfers or uses, without lawful authority, a means of identification of another person with the intent to commit or to aid or help any unlawful activity that constitutes a violation of federal law or that constitutes a law-breaking under any applicable state or local law.

What happened in such cases? Normally, the fundamental things of personal information are dishonestly incurred and used to rob the pluses of the dupe or by deceit others. Your bank accounts can be drained out. Credit cards lift out and new credit accounts affected. Please do not be under perception that you are safe. Because it can happen with you.

Is it there any solution to stop it permanently? Off course, the LifeLock is only one solution to stop such type of fraud incidences.

The company offers LifeLock Promotion Code RD32 for identity theft protection programs. LifeLock locks down your information before an identity thief can gets to it. Moreover, the company has their own guarantee system which compels the company to pay up to $1 million as a guarantee. Here is good opportunity to all you on the purchase of
LifeLock Promotion Code RD32. Guys, you can get the richest discount on the new purchase of this programe. First 30 days free, $21 annual discount, and only $9 a month is the bonanza or you may called discount offers only yours if you have it now.

For your convenience and satisfaction we can read the stories about identity theft and the greatness of this product under
LifeLock reviews.

So, offer opened for all you right here. Go and get it.

India : Madhya Pradesh : Orchha : Attractions and Excursions - 3

Guys, if you think that your trip would be graceful at Orchha, then you must visit following beautiful points.

Chaturbhuj Temple :

This temple built upon a masive stone platform and reached by a steep flight of steps, the temple was specially constructed to enshrine the image of Rama remained in the Ram Raha Temple.

Chhatris :

Orchha has 14 Chhatris or memorials for the rulers, situated near the Kanchan Ghat on River Betwa.

Dinman Hardaul's Place :

The named after the Hardaul, a saintly prince who gave up his life to prove his innocence to his elder brother Jhujhar, as he latter cast doubts on Hardauls relationship with his consort.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple :

A flagstone path links this temple with the Ram Temple. The interiors contain the most exquisite of Orchha's wall paintings. Covering the walls and ceiling of there halls, these murals are vibrant compositions and cover a variety of spiritual and secular subjects.

Phool Bagh :

It is a well-laid garden and was the resting place of the ersthile Bundela rulers. This garden has fountains, pavilions and ingenious water ventilation system.

Sunder Mahal :

The ruins of this small palaces have now become a pilgrimage site for Muslims. It is so because the Prince Dhurjban son of Jhujar spent his life in prayers after he embraced Islam and is revered a saint.

Deogarh (139 kms) :

Deogarh has great antiquarian, epigraphically and archaeological importance and figured int he history of the Guptas, the Gurjara Pratiharas, the Gonds, etc.

Other Attractions :

The shrines of Siddh Baba Ka Sthan, Jugal Kishor, Janki Mandir and the Hanuman Mandir at Ohharewara.

Compliance Software : A complete solution by Aveksa

Guys, do you have heard or known to 3 words Continuous Improvement, Productivity Improvement and the General Business Management? Yeah, all these words concerning the growth of one’s organization. As all you know the importance of Information Technology in today’s arena that everyone wish to run behind these great 3 words to go ahead in their respective areas.

We accept that without the help of Information Technology there no expected growth is possible, and it is true. And due to the importance of such activity many companies are humbly wish to have such type of programes to run their business successfully.

Now here, the question is it there any sort of programe or solution who proves the best to get the results on above 3 words? Offcourse! Here is the company who opened his wings to serve all you in the Management area. The company Aveksa brings up an across-the-board solution that accomplishes its intended purpose to chase the records like Netegrity, Banyan Systems and PowerSoft. The name of the program is compliance software.

Here one more question might raised in your mind that what is the aim of the Aveksa? The answer is, it is the centralized process on the mechanization of the numerous decisive or hand-operated jobs connected on access governance, risk and compliance management across the business. The company conceives that every organization or establishment necessitate Enterprise Access Governance. To achieve the goals and objective it is necessary to have some rich software who fulfills all the requirements of one’s organization. The company, Aveksa provides a full scope of execution and support services to guarantee the booming readying as well as continuous operation of Enterprise Access Governance compliance software solutions. Many leading establishements in financial services, health care and manufacturing are the clients of this company “Aveksa”.

I suggest everyone to go for this unique program who are postively looking towards business gainsays, evaluate the requirements, distinguish the justest glide path, and enforce a compliance software solution that incorporates subsisting resourcefulnesses of your establishment.

India : Madhya Pradesh : Orchha : Attractions and Excursions - 2

Guys, let us move with me on the trip of Orchha. Orchha founded on 16th century by Bundela Rajput Chieftain Rudra Pratap. Orchha is the erstwhile capital city of the Bundela rulers. The Town is steeped in history and is famous for its palaces and tempels built in the 16th and 17t centuries. The architectural splendor of the monuments in Orchha reflects the glory of its rulers. The Betwa River, on whose banks Orchha lies, and the forests around it attract tourist to this place.

Jehangir Mahal :

It was built in the early part in 17th century to mark the visit of Mughal Emperor Jehangir to Orchha. It is known for its delicate work on one hand and balanced with strong masonry on the other.

Rai Praveen Mahal :

This Mahal is dedicated to the 17th century poetesmusician. It is set amongst well-laid gardens.

Raj Mahal :

This Mahal was built by Madhukar Shah in the 17the centuries. It is well known for its murals, depicting religious themes.

Ram Raja Temple :

This temple was originally a palaces accroding to a legend, Lord Ram appeared in dream of Madhukar shah. The ruler subsequently brought on idol of Lord Ram and placed it in this palace, before installing it into a temple. However, when the time of installation approached, the idol refused to move from its present place. The kind then recalled his dream, which had indicated that the idol would remain in the place, where it was first placed. Thus this palace, became a temple and Lord Ram is worshipped here as a king.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

India : Madhya Pradesh : Orchaa & Khajuraho : A Cultural Heritage - 1

As the name implies, Madhya Pradesh lies geographically in the heartland of India. It is a land of contrasts, rolling plains interspersed with hills of the Vindhya range running east-west across the middle, river valleys (notably of the holy Narmada river), thick forests, and in the north-west the black cotton soil covered Malwa plateau.

Madhya Pradesh's cultural heritage is ancient. Monuments, exquisitely carved temples, stapes, forts, and palaces on the hill tops, all add to the state's attraction and charm. India's immortal poet-dramatist Kalidasa and the great musician of the Mughal Court, Tansen belonged to this land.

Madhya Pradesh is famous throughout the world for the temples of Khajuraho built in the 11th and 19th centuries and also for the palaces and temples of Orchha.

How to reach at Orchha :

In terms of connectivity, these destinations are well defined by all means of transport. Be it air, rail or road, besides offering ample convenient ways of local travel as well.

By Air :

The nearest airport is Khajuraho 178 kms.

By Rail :

The nearest railhead is Jhansi 19 kms, a major railway junction.

By Road :

Orchha lies on the Jhansi Khajuraho road and is linked by motorable roads with Gwalior 120 kms, Jhansi 19 kms and Khajuraho 178 kms.

Map of Orchha : (For enlarge view - Click on the map)

How to reach at Khajuraho :
By Air :

Khajuraho is connected by air with Delhi, Agra and Varanasi both by Jet Airways and Indian Airlines.

By Rail :

Jhansi 175 kms and Satna 120 kms are the two convenient railheads.

By Road :

Khajuraho is connected by motorable road with Agra 395 kms, Allahabad 285 kms, Bhopal 340 kms, Chitrakoot 175 kms, Deli 596 kms, Gwalior 276 kms, Indore 575 kms, Jabalpur 296 kms, Lucknow 287 kms, Mumbai 1250 kms, rewa 176 kms and Varanasi 415 kms.

Map of Khajuraho : (For enlarge view - Click on the Map)

General Information :

Season to Visit : October to March

Languages : Hindi, English


Orchha -
Khajuraho -

Accommodation :

In terms of local hospitality and accommodation, you can expect comfortgable and value for money options in all price categories at both the destinations. Prominent few among which are listed below. For specific and detailed information or assistance contact approved travel agents or nearest India Tourism / State Tourism Office.

Betwa Cottages (MPSTDC), : 252618
Hotel Sheesh Mahal (MPSTDC), : 252624

Hotel Jhankar (MPSTDC), : 274063 / 194
Hotel Payal (MPSTDC), : 274064 / 76

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

BushLeauge TV : Stay to laugh here

Hi guys, do you know about Bush League? If not, please come with me on the tour of the fantastic website named Bushleauge.tv. It is its kind of a programs, which has the option of video game review. I like it most because it make me laugh. “Can I Still Eat It,” the section I most like on this website.

But which is the best part of Bush Leauge? BushLeague has launched online site video only for "dudes." This website is spporeted by the company DECA. It is an online entertainment studio which is venture funded by Mayfield, General Catalyst, and Atomico.

The website has new reviews on daily basis such as '24 Hour Video Game Review,' a video game review presenting Bush League correspondents playing a new game for 24 hours; 'Bush League 101,' a funny videos and mens lifestyle.

This website is dedicated to dudes, the reason is the young male demographic is sorely underserved online. The Bush League blog /web show combo thinks its comedic take on guy topics like gadgets, video games and, of course, girls will set it apart from the other sites.

I would like to clear one point here, all you cannot stop yourself to laugh. Because it is the platform for all you to stay here for only one reason i.e. "laugh". This website proves its moto in good fashion. If you would like forget all your worries and wish to have some happy moments please hit this site to make you laugh.

India : Mahabaleshwar : A pleasent place for Honeymoon

A pleasant place Mahabaleshwar is located in the brumous green mountain ranges of the Western Ghats. It is an pastoral summer hideaway and is beatified with some of the finest instinctive wonders. Some year back this place was the advantaged summer getaway for the British and one can still sense the colonial appeal here. There are many interesting things about Mahabaleshwar that draw large number of tourists from all parts of India. Its scenic points, temples and a healthy climate attract nature lovers or seekers of loneliness. Nine years back we visited Mahabaleshwar on the occasion of our Honeymoon.

The great legend, Shivaji Maharaj disappointed Jaoli and Mahabaleshwar and constructed the famous Pratapgad Fort in the year 1656.

Guys, every time you have heard the names like Malcolm Point, Arthur Point, Carnac Point, Frere Point and many others. Do you know how it get pronounced here before? From 1828, many British personalities regularly visited at Mahabaleshwar like Sir John Malcolm and then by Arthur, Carnac, Frere. That is the reason we know the famous points in Mahabaleshwar.

Guys we entered in Mahabaleshwar 9 years ago. It was just amazing thing for us. Because we never seen the Mahabaleshwar here before. The pleasant climate take our Honeymoon at the peak at that time.

Mahabaleshwar offers up a wide range of accommodation to everyone that include hotels, cottages and government run bungalows. We stayed at Hotel Fountain for 5 days. It is one of the
oldest resort hotel of Mahabaleshwar. Interior rooms with attached bath and with running hot and cold water served us for 24 hours. Having the facilities of CCTV and Air-coolers. It's our pleasure to see the beautiful view of Koyna Valley daily. 100% peaceful surroundings. It has big
Swimming pool inside the hotel. Actually, I could not express my feelings about the 5 days stay at Mahabaleshwar. Let me recollect all the data about the happenings and time we spent at Mahabaleshwar. Till time good bye.....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wants Higher Payouts? Here is the platform : Casinoguide.ws

The term "Casino" originally meant a small villa, summerhouse or pavilion built for pleasure, usually on the grounds of a larger palazzo.

A casino is, in the modern sense of the word, a facility that houses and accommodates certain types of gambling activities.
Casinos are most commonly built near or combined with hotels, restaurants, retail shopping, cruise ships and other tourist attractions. Some casinos are known for hosting live entertainment events, such as stand-up comedy, concerts, and sporting events.

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If you are looking for higher payouts, I am dam sure about that you will never come with empty hands. Just surf on this comprehensive guide for the experience.

India : New Delhi : Food & Accommodation, Shopping and Foreign Exchange - 10

Delhi is renowned for its tandoori or barbecued meats and fish, as well as the rich Mughlai cuisine, which also goes by the name of "North Indian Food". Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer and Daal Makhni are signature dishes. Apart from this, its cosmopolitan character ensures that all other cuisines including Chinese, Continental, Iralian and Thai, as well as fast foods are commonly available.

A wide range of acommodation is available in this city ranging from the International standard 5-star hotels, to medium range hotels, right down to budget guest houses that have mushroomed all over the city especially near the airport and railway stations.

Note :

01. Always drink mineral water and check that the bottle is sealed on buying.
02. Eat at restaurants where the turn over is high and the food is hot.
03. Avoid all touts and agents; book through approved tourist agencies.
04. Look after your bags and purses particularly in crowded areas. Do not carry large amounts of cash with you, credit cards are accepted in most stores these days and are safer to carry.
05. Change money at authorised money changers only.

Shopping at New Delhi :

Central Cottage Industries is the largest government-run emporia selling the entire gamut of Indian Handicrafts, Saris, silk ties and shirts, furniture, jewellery, curious, silver and brass ornaments. All of the highest quality and guaranteed rates. Handloom HOuse is a government-run outlet for handloom saris, textiles and readymade garments. The collection is from all over the country. State Emporia complez at Baba Kharak Singh Marg is a row of governement run emporia from the different states of India - an excellent place to buy ethnic Indian mementoes. Dilli Haat, an open-air shopping arcade houses temporary exhibitions and sales by craftsmen from all over India. The ethnic food stalls make it a good shopping venue.

For branded shops and trendy international products, visit Ansal Plaza, South Extension and the stretch of malls on MG Road, Gurgaon.

New Delhi : Foreign Exchange

01. Citibank N.A.,Jeevan Bharati Building, 124, Connaught Circus, New Delhi - 110 001

02. American Express, 'A' Block, Wenger House, Connaught Place, New Delhi, India, Tel : 23716151

03. Thomas Cook (I) Ltd., Rishyamook Building, 85-A, Panchkuian Road,
New Delhi - 110 001, Tel : 23747404 - 13

04. State Bank of India, 11, Sansad Marg, New Delhi - 110 001, Tel : 23368231, 23734493


01. Foreigners entering India on a Student, Employement, Research or Missionary Visa, which is valid for more than 180 days, are required to register with the Foreigners Registration Officer under whose jurisdiction they propose to stay. This should be done within 14 days on arrival in India, irrespective of their actual period of stay.

02. Extension of visa in Delhi : Ministry of Home Affairs, Director (F) Lok Nayak Bhawan (Ist Floor) Khan Market, New Delhi - 110 003

03. Foreigners Regional Registration Office, Delhi, East Bloc - VIII, Level - II, Sector - 1, R.K. Puram, New Delhi - 110 066.

04. AFRRO (Departure) Tel. No. : 011-25652389, AFRRO (Arrival) Tel No. : 011-25696075

Republic Day Parade : Ever since India became a sovereign nation, the occasion is marked on January 26 with a spectacular parade of the Armed Forces, comprising regiments and their bands, armoured tanks, cavalry, as well as an aerial display by fighter jets. Different states participate by creating enormous floats show-casing their local culture.

The President takes the salute from the armed forces, and large crowds gather despite the freezing cold to view this magnificent spectacle.

Guys enjoy the memorable moments at New Delhi .... Here are my best wishes to all you.

Monday, May 26, 2008

India : New Delhi : Museums - 9

The National Museum :
On Janpath is the largest museum of the country. Its various galleries cover 5,000 years of art and culture, from the Indus Valley civilisation, spanning over the various empires and dynasties that ruled over different parts of India, right to the present day. Artefacts, sculputres, paintings, household articles, textiles, military implements, manuscripts and texts, priceless collections of jewellery, and much more showcases India's rich and caried history. Ph. 23018415 / 9272.

Crafts Museum :
It exhibits the 'masterpieces' created by India's village artisans. Apart from the permanent collection, regular exhibitions and sales of handicrafts are held at the stalls situated there, with craftspeople demonstrating their skills on the spot.

Gandhi Smriti :
Situated on Tees January Marg, where Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, this is a tribute to the Mahatma.

National Gallery of Modern Art :

It houses paintings from the mid-19th century to present day Indian artists.

Nehru Memorial Museum and Library :
Teen Murti Bhavan, the residence of Jawaharlal Nehru has been turned into a museum with a rich collection of manuscripts and books on Indian history and the freedom movement.

Rail Museum :
It traces the development of the Indian Railways that played a major role in the history of Colonial and modern India. Locomotive enthusiasts can see various relics of the past including a stream engine of 1855 vintage.

Ph. : 26881816 / 26880939

Timings : 09:30 - 10:30 (Summer)
09:30 - 12:30 (Winter)

All Museums are closed on Mondays.

India : New Delhi : Festivals - 8

Id-Ul-Zuha :
An Important Muslin Festival occurring in January / February, this commenmorates Abrahma's willingness to sacrifice his own son to God.

Dussehra :

Observed in October this festival celebrates Ram's victory over the demon God Ravana. Spectacular ten-headed effigeies of the demon are burnt with a colourful display of fireworks.

Diwali :

This is the festival of lights and the Goddess of wealth Lakshmi is worshipped on this holy evening. Houses are lit up with oil lamps and colourful patterns of rangoli are etched on the floor.

Guru Parab :

A fortnight after Diwali, the sikhs observe the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak the founder of their religion.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

LifeLcok Promo Codes : Get 30 days free and pay Only $9 per month

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Guys, if you have still any doubts please go for the LifeLock Reviews. Because, this is an extensive section to all you who needs more and indepth knowledge about the company, various lifelock promo codes and real experiences of the people who are using the services offered by lifelock.com.

So, it is great time to save your identity before it being robbed and secure yourself with the hands of lifelock.

India : New Delhi : New Delhi Tours - 7

Guys, Delhi Tourism organizes tours which leave from the Central Reservation Office, Coffee Home 1, Baba Kharak Singh Marg (Ph No. : 23365358 / 23363607)

Daily Tours :

0900 to 1400 hrs., for a visit to Jantar Mantar, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Qutub Minar, Bahai House of Worship (Lotus Temple), Safdarjung's Tomb.

1415 to 1715 hrs., vial Lal Quila, Jama Masjid, Rajghat and Humayun's Tomb.

Night Tour :

Wednesdays & Fridays 1830 to 2130 hrs., for a visit to Ferozeshah Kotla, Humayun's ttomb, Qutub Minar, Bahai House of Worship, Lal Qila, India Gate, Parliament House, Teen Murti, Dandi March, Embassy Area.

Day Tour to Agra :

Visit Akbar's Tomb, Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. The bus leaves at 0700 hours on all days except Mondays, and returns to Delhi by 2200 hours.

3 Day Tour of the Golden Triangle :

Delhi-Agra-Jaipur departs on Tuesdays and Fridays at 0700 hours and returns on the evening of the third day. Places covered include, Akbar's Tomb, Agra Fort, Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Amer Fort, driving past Jaipur's Hawa Mahal, the City Palace & Jantar Mantar.

2 Day Tour to Haridwar and Rishikesh :

Leaves Delhi on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 0715 hours, and returns the evening of the next day, covering Har-ki-Pauri, with a trek up to Mansa Devi Temple (a ropeway is also available at an extra cost), Aarti at the temple on the banks of the river Ganges, Ashrams, Geeta Bhavan and Ram Jhoola in Rishikesh.

Sound and Light show at Purana Quila :

The sound and light show brings alive Delhi's cultural heritage with episodes from its rich past.

Contact Information : Delhi Tourism

Ph. No. : 23314229 / 23315322 / 23730416 / 25675609 / 25691213

Black Friday : The day after thanksgiving

Anybody here who told me the exact meaning of Thanksgiving? I know, there are many answers on the matter of “Thanksgiving” from all over the world and from the buddies who have the great heart and good mind. But I think that the thanskgiving is nothing but ‘A short prayer of thanks before a meal’. Am I right? But now a day the explanation of thanksgiving turned to many meanings like onc can celebrate this small and heart touching festival to express his/her warm feelings.

Yes …. Guys, it is the only meaning of thanksgiving as concered to me. Because there are many people who have the small and emotional heart (like me).

Well guys, if you look at past, the thanksgiving festival being celebrated in various region likes Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Hebrews, Egyptians, the United States and Canada. Fourth Thursday in November in the United States; second Monday in October in Canada; commemorates a feast held in 1621 by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag.

The question here is what do we do normally on this precious day? Generally we aggressive to shopping for Christmas by buying items during Black Friday, and that is the day after Thanksgiving. But, it is difficult to choose any sort of item or gift on this day due to our busy schedule. Is there anybody to help in this matter to purchase money saving thanksgiving deals? Certainly … guys, I found a best website named www.black-friday.net. It is only the platform of huge quality items in various categories. If you are looking for such things then there is no doubt to visit this site with blind eyes at once.

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Guys, please let me allow leaving now coz I have to book my item to gift someone on this precious day. If you would like to have the same, come with me to make a
thanksgiving deals on this website.

India : New Delhi : Sight Seeing - 6

Guys I have missed to write more sight seeings within the New Delhi Region. Just visit these Heritage and make your tour pleasurable.

Qutub Minar :

This imposing five-storey tower was built in 1193 AD by Qutubuddin Aibak, a slave of the Muslim raider Mohammad Ghauri, to mark the first Muslim dynastgy in India. Housed next to it is the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, a novel construction of Islamic domes and arches and carved decorative panels, from the Jain and Hindu temples. Qutub Minar is a World Heritage Monument.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple :

This is relatively modern temple built in 1938 by the industrialist B.D. Birla. The temple was the favourite place of worship of Mahatma Gandhi.

ISKCON Temple :

This temple in red coloured stone, set on a hilltop at East of Kailash in New Delhi, exhudes a serenity rare in modern cities. Vedic Expo is an attraction for tourists interested in spiritual gain, from all over the world. This is open from 1000 ro 2100 hrs daily. A Robot Show by nine robots incorporating special effects is also an unforgettable experience.

Bahai Temple :

A unique lotus-shaped structure houses the beautiful temple of this religious sect from Persia. The stream of common people who visit it everyday is proof of the openness of the Indian psyche which accepts the beautiful and sublime even if it is foreign in origin.

Friday, May 23, 2008

SocialSpark : Invitation to all for making money

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The name of the site is
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India : New Delhi : Sight Seeing - 5

Guys here are some beautiful locations of New Delhi you must see. Just take a look.

Humayun's Tomb :

A grand mausoleum built for the emperor by his senior queen, this is one of the first Mughal garden tombs and said to be the inspiration for Taj Mahal. Recently restored, It is a pristine example of sandstone architecture with marble inlay and fine trellis work. The Humaun's Tomb is a World Heritage Monument.

Jantar Mantar :

In the hustle and bustle of Connaught Place is a park with curious tone structures made of red sandstone. This is the astronomical observatory of Raja Jai Singh II built in 1724. A gigantic stone sun-dial in the observatory, was used to measure time from the sun's shadows.

Raj Ghat :

On the banks of the River Yamuna is the simple memorial to Mahatma Gandhi, at the spot where he was cremated. Close-by is the Gandhi Memorial Museum, and further on are the memorials where three former Prime Ministers Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were creamated.

LifeLock : An Identity Theft Protection - Only for You

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Just one phone call asking you that you are applying for a new credit card. What does it means? It is nothing that someone was trying to take your identity without your acceptance. Here LifeLock arrested such type of stealer.
As on date identity theft is a $50 billion a year business, and a ground concentration of devised law-breaking acts.

The company "LifeLock", founded in 2005, is a personal dupery protection company. The company serves you with setting fraud alerts at credit authorities and convalescent damages in the event of Identity Theft.

"Our Guarantee: If your Identity is misused while you are our client, we will spend up to $1,000,000 to make it right." This is the policy of
LifeLock.com. It itself shows the assurance of your individual information.
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Here are my opinions that why LifeLock ID Theft Protection is good for all you buddies :
Lifelock offers $1 million total service guarantee. If your identity is robbed, they will fix the problem and reimburse you for any loses up to $1 million. They will stop pre-approved credit offers and reduce the amount of junkmail you are receiving. They, offers you FREE credit report from 3 major credit reporting agencies.

India : New Delhi : Sight Seeings - 4

Red Fort :
The Mughal citadel of power carved in red sandstone dominates the cityscape on the way to Old Delhi. It houses the Diwan-e-Aam or public audience hall of the emperor, the Diwan-e-Khas or private hall, the Rang Mahal (queen’s palace) with the royal baths (Hamams) and the exquisite Moti Masjid or Pearl Mosque. A sound and light show traces the history of Delhi through the ages in the evenings.
Jama Masjid :

A short distance away from the Red Fort, is one of Asia’s largest mosques built by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1656. Daily prayers are still here by debout Muslims keeping alive the Mughal herigage of the Old City.

Old Fort (Purana Qila) :
Built by the second Mughal emperor Humayun, this fotress precedes the Red Fort. It is imposing structure housing the emperor’s living quarters, library (from the steps of which he fell and died), the soldier barracks, and a mosque built by Sher Shah Suri, who had temporarily dethroned Humayun.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

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