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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gangtok : A Good Natured Place To Visit

GangtokGangtok is the capital of Sikkim. It is just not only regarded with great favor, approval, or affection especially by the general tourist terminus but is also quite outstanding for being a Buddhist pilgrimage address in India.

Flower Exhibition Center GangtokIt is situated at an altitude of nearly 1700 meters and providing some sorcerous views of the nearby a narrow street with walls on both sides and hills, tourists would unquestionably not miss out on a intensifier Gangtok family vacation. To add that extra zing to the trip, there are many hotels in Gangtok and especially family hotels in Gangtok that offer beautiful and value for money services.

Nat Hula Pass GangtokAs the town is settled at a higher altitude, families would enjoy a summer retrograde trip in Gangtok. The best time for tripping is throughout the year, although monsoons should be avoided for a double-dyed Gangtok family vacation. While summers witness a cool climate, winters might at times be rough.

Tsomgo Lake GangtokIt is therefore better to convey light woolens during summers and a handy umbrella. There are many tourist attractions that offer a skylarking Gangtok family vacation. Families would love visiting the Tsomgo Lake, just 38 km away from the main town which remains frozen till end of April. The lake has got an attached sanctified value and is also home to unique migratory birds.

Indo-China Border GangtokAnother good-natured attraction is the Nathula Pass that lies on the Indo-China border and needs prior reservation in order to visit. Families must go through the complete booking guidelines before visiting the place as it is usually covered with snow.

Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden GangtokFamilies and couples who are fervent nature lovers should not miss out on visiting the Flower Exhibition Center and Jawaharlal Nehru Botanical Garden. While the former holds orchids, seasonal flowers as well as bonsai, the latter boasts of temperate Oak forest.

So, enjoy Gangtok with your better half and kids..!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Regency Beauty Schools - Unique Option in Cosmetology

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Regency Beauty SchoolsEvery expertise in this area needs skillfulness by virtue of possessing special knowledge in order to work as cosmetologist. To get such expertise hands one must grab good knowledge and guidance from well-known institution. I know there are many online institutions all you can find on the net. But there are few that pioneer in cosmetology industry. Yes! Regency Beauty Schools the name that implies every step and activity that is required to be a good cosmetologist.

Become a cosmetologists if you wish to have more experience surely you can gain more than you expect. Who knows some day you can decide to open your own salon.

I think Regency Beauty Schools is only the option that provides you such help to hold one's ground in the cosmetology world.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

The Chapel of St. Catherine Goa

The Chapel of St. Catherine GoaDear Travelers,

In front of the Church of Holy Spirit (commonly known a s the church of St. Francis of Assisi), there is a narrow steep which leads to the chapel of St. Catherine of Alexandria (Egypt). The spot marks the venue of the battle that took place between the Portuguese and the Mohamadans when the Muslim City of Goa was conquered by Alfonso De Albuquerque, on 25th November 1510.

The chapel seems to have been subsequently rebuilt for the third time, when the slab which was over the door of the chapel was removed and fixed in the wall near the side door facing the East. The slab had tile legend of Governor Alfonso de Albuquerque entering the city and conquering it from the Moors in 1510. The legend can be still read in Portuguese.

Church of St. Francis of AssisiThe Chapel, though small in size, stands out as an historical monument erected in 1510, on the site where formerly stood the gate through which the Portuguese entered the Muslim City. The Governer, George Cabral (1549-51) had it enlarged in 1550. The feast of St. Catherine was celebrated in this chapel every year with solemnity on 25th November. A solemn procession from the Cathedral went to the Chapel in which, all dignitaries, civil and ecclesiastical took part.

Visit the Chapel of St. Catherine on your Goa Tour.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Goa Velha - Sé Cathedral of Santa Catarina

Sé Cathedral of Santa Catarina Goa VelhaFriends,

Catherine of AlexandriaIf you are on the trip of Goa then do not miss to see The Cathedral. Yeah! It's Sé Cathedral of Santa Catarina, Goa Velha. The original building erected in 1510 was enlarged in 1511-12. It was a mud-structure covered with straw. It had only one altar and on it was installed the picture of St. Catherine of Alexandria for it was dedicated to that Saint on whose feast day 25th November 1510 - according to the Old Liturgical Calendar, the City of Goa was conquered by Affonso De Albuquerque from the muslims.

The cathedral has now only one tower on the Southern side; on it there are five bells; the bigger one is called the "Golden Bell", cast in the foundery of the Arsenal in 1652, in the City of Goa itself. It's called "Golden" because it is believed that some gold was mixed when making the bell to produce better sound. The Northern tower came down on 25th July 1775 may be because of the fury of the monsoons; the tower was not plastered for nearly 100 years.

Just grab the opportunity to see the oldest monument of Goa.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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