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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

India : Goa : Where to Stay & General Information - 3

Guys, if you plant to visit at Goa, then you must keep in mind some important tips and notes to help you in finding your accommodation and new sight seeings. Just take a look on this information.

The minimum temperature of Goa has been reached up to 40OC and minimum of 10OC. It is better to wear Cotton clothes to feel free and sense the atmosphere. October to February is the best time to visit Goa.

The STD Code of Goa is 0832.

It is your luck to have an accommodation at Goa, because it has full of rush in these days. In terms of local hospitality and accommodation, you can expect comfortable and value for money options in all price categories at the destination.

For specific and detailed information or assistance, contact your approval travel agents or nearest India. You can avail your accommodation with following Goa Government's Hotel.

Tourism/State Tourism Office :
GTDC Hotels, Panaji Residency,
: 2227103
GTDC Hotels, Mapusa Residency, : 2262794

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India : Goa : How to reach at Goa - 2

Many people could not know how to reach at Goa destination on time. I think this information will help to solve their problem to reach on time at Goa.

By Air :

Goa has an airport at Dabolim, named Goa Airport, it is situated near the part city of Vasco Da Gama, 30 kms from the capital Panaji. Direct flights by Indian Airlines and private airlines with Bangalore, Delhi, Kochi, Mumbai, etc. Jet Airways has four flights daily between Delhi & Mumbai. Sahara Airlines also flies direct to Mumbai & Delhi.

By Rail :

The main railway station in Goa is Madgaon (Margao). Vasco is the oldest railway station of Goa. With the opening of Kankan Railway rail journey to Goa has became very convenient and quick with direct services from Delhi, Ahemedabad, mumbai, Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram. Major station in Goa are Pednem, Thivim (Near Mapusa), Karmali (Near Old Goa), Madgaon and Canacona.

By Road :

Goa is well connected by Inter-State buses to Bangalore 598 kms, Kochi 833 kms, Daman 787 kms, Pune 458 kms, Ratnagiri 263 kms, Shirdi 664 kms, Mumbai 594 kms, Mangalore 371 kms, Mahabaleswar 425 kms, Jog Falls 274 kms.

Note : For enlarge view please click on the map

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India : Goa : The Jewel of India - 1

Guys, last year I had visited Goa. There are plenty of moments I earned during my visit. It is my bad luck that some moments are missed out from my memory. Whatever I remembered, tried to put in front of you.

Guys, Goa has it all, sun, sand and sea. It is nature's gift to mankind. An unique blend of Latin & Oriental, incredibly rich in monuments and historical sites, dazzling variety of exotic flora and fauna. Lush green hinterland, rivers that offer water adventure sports that will thrill you beyond expectations.

Goa has a timeless charm. It;s uniqueness lies in the fact that whilst creating a delicate synthesis of various cultures, it has retained its inherent soul. The Portuguese named it 'The pearl of the orient'. Goa owes its dominant Christian influences to almost four centuries of Portuguese rule. The Portuguese came in 1510 & gained control. The ensuing Portuguese influences produced a blend of East and West, which is exotic and distinct. Christmas and Carnival are celebrated as enthusiastically as Diwali or Durga Puja.

Goa, Jewel of India, is studded with a number of churches that remain witnesses to the intense religious history of the land.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

LifeLock Review : A Specular Reflection of Identity Theft

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India : Tirumala : Tirupati : Shopping, Festivals, Tourist Information Centres, Money Changers & Important Telephone Numbers - 6

Shopping at Tirumala-Tirupati :

Guys, if you want to shop at Tirumala-Tirupati, then here is the great place for you. Lepakshi Emporium, an idela place for purchasing attractive handicraft at moderate prices, it is situated near Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Central Reception Office. T.T.D. Gardens, the beautiful ornamental gardens with rare species of plants and trees are situated nearby.

Festivals :

Brahmotsavam Festival is the most famous annual festival which celebrated on grand scale for nine days in September, attracting pilgrims and tourists from all parts of century. The fifth and ninth days of the festival are especially significant as Garudostavam and Rathotavam takes place on these days.

Vijayanagar Festival is held for three days at the historic Chandragiri Fort near Tirupati-Balaji in the third week of October every year.

The Kalyanotsavam (marriage of the Lord) is celebrated everyday at the Kalyanmandapam except during the Brahmotsavam. Devotees can perform this ceremony on payment of Rs. 3000.

Tourist Information Centre :
Central Reservation Office, APTDC, Tirupati, 2255385
Regional Tourist Office, Tirupati, 2243306

Money Changers :
State Bank of Hyderabad, 2220153
State Bank of India, 2253412

Important Telephone Numbers :
Head Post Office, 2225503
Indian Airlines Airport, 2283992
SVIMS Govt. Hospital, 2287777
Central Crime Station, 2220352

India : Tirumala : Tirupati : Attractions and Excursions - 5

Guys, here are the some attractions and excursions of Tirumala Tirupati. Just take a look :

Sri. Vedanarayana Swamy Temple (65 kms) :

The temple, believed to have been constructed by the Vijayanagar emperor, Sri Krsihna Devaraja at the behest of his mother, is a fine specimen of the Vijayanagar style of architecture. The sanctorum houses an image of Vishnu in his Matsya (fish) incarnation accompanied by Sri Devi and Bhu Devi on either side. An important aspect of the temple is the Sun worship.

Horsley Hills (140 kms) :

One of the best known hill resorts of Andhra Pradesh, the place has been named after a British Collector of Cuddapah who discovered the beauty of the area and made it has summer resort.

The hill station 1265 meters above the sea level.

Asthana Mandapam :

Asthana Mandapam (Sada Hall) is the venue for the devotional programs like discourses, music concerts, 'Harikathas' and Bhajans conducted under the auspices of 'Dharma Prachara Parishat'.

Guys here I am trying to elaborate some of the attractions and excursions of Tirumala Tirupati. There are many sightseeing to be come on this platform which are hidden. I will try to make it up in next article.

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India : Tirumala : Tirupati : Attractions and Excursions - 4

Guys, here are some attractions and excursions of Tirumala Tirupati, just take a look.

Kanipakam :

This is a 11th century Vinayaka temple and the peculiarity is that the idol seems to be growing in size. A 'Kawacham' (breast plate) made of the idol half a century ago has become too small for it now. It's really amazing.

Sri Kalahasti (36 kms) :

The temple of Siva in the form of a 'Vayulinga'. According to legend, a spider (Sri) spun a web over the Linga, Kala, a snake, placed a gem atop it and Hasti, and elephant, brought water in its trunk to wash the Linga. All three were ardent worshippers of Siva. The flame (deepam) in the temple flickers frequently as air (Vayu) is said to be constantly emanating form the Sivalinga.

Agastyaswamy Temple (12 kms) :

At the confluence of three rivers, namely, Swarnamukhi, Bhima and Kalyan, lies the Agastyaswamy Temple. The temple has three beautifully sculptured entrances that heighten the grandeur of the hall inside. A separate shrine for Goddess Paravati is also located within this temple.

Talakona :

Talakona is a forest located 30 kms form Tirupati. Deep in these forest is a 6m prennial waterfall known as 'Talakona'. It is an enchanting picnic spot of great scenic beauty. It is believed that this place is the threshold to hte seven hills of Tirumala.

Kalyani Dam (18 kms) :

The dam is the main water source for Tirupati Balaji and Tirumalai.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Guard your Identity with Life Lock

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

India : Tirumala : Tirupati : Attractions and Excursions - 3

Guys, Sila Thoranam is situated on the Tirumala Hills, this natural rock formation is one of nature's wonders and only one of its kind in Asia. It is a naturally-formed arch of rock, the likes of which can be found only in two other places in the world - Rainbow Arch at Utah in USA and the Cut Through in the UK. The Sila Thoranam arch is believed to be 1500 million years old and formed by weathering and wind erosion. The length of the arch is 25 feet with a height 10 feet.

Swami Pushkarni :

Many of the pilgrims have a dkp in the tank adjacent to the temple at Tirumala, before having a darshan of Lord Venkateswara. The tank is considered sacred. According to legend, it was originally for the sport of Vishnu and was brought down to earth by Garuda for Lord Venkateswara.

Narayanavanam (36 kms) :

This is where the marriage between Lord Venkateswara and Goddess Padmavati is said to have taken place. There is a temple dedicated to "Kalyana Venkateswara".

Sri Venkateswara Sanctuary :

Spread over 500 acres, the wildlife sanctuary and national park has a number of species of flora and fauna and provides on ideal leisure spot.

Chandagiri (12 kms) :

The Vijaynagar empire contributed vastly to Telugu culture, art and literature. The last capital of the Vijayanagar king was Chandagiri on the banks of the river Swarnamukhi in Chittoor district. Ruins of the fort exit to this day and amidst them stand the Raja Mahal and Rani Mahal places that have been given a face lift and beautified. The fort atop a huge atop a huge rock that stands 6 meters tall.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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India : Tirumala : Tirupati - Attractions and Excursions - 2

Guys, the town of Tirupati is one of the most ancient and sacred pilgirmage spots in India. The name "Tirupati" means the "Lord of Lakshmi", and should have been applied to the village on the Venkat hill, the swelling of Lord Venkateshwara. However, Tirupati is the town and transport bub at the bottom of the hill. The hill near the temple is called "Tirumala" or the "sacred hill". The temple here is said to be the busiest in the world, eclipsing even Rome, Jerusalem and Mecca in the number of pilgrims visiting it.

The Tirumala Hill is 3200 ft above sea level, and is about 10.33 sq. miles in area. It comprises seven peaks, representing the seven hoods of Adisesha, thus earning the name Seshachalam. The seven peaks are called Seshadri, Neeladri, Garudadri, Anjanadri, Vrishabhadri, Narayanadri and Venkatadri.

Lord Venkateswara Temple :

The temple of Balaji at Tirumala Hills is famous the world over and millions of pilgrims from across the globe visit the temple annually. The temple, which finds mention in ancient texts, was patronized by the Pallavas, Pandyas, Cholas, the Vijyayanagar rulers and Maharaja of Mysore.

The main temple is an excellent example of ancient Indian temple architecture, particularly from South India. The vimana over the sanctum santorum as also the Dhwajasthambam (flag post) are gold plated, done with meticulous care.

The idol of Lord Venkateswara itself is divine t behold and pilgrims are blessed with a sense of complete bliss and satisfaction the moment they glimpse the idol during the "darshan".

Sri Govindrajaswamy Temple :

The temple has an imposing gopuram (elaborate gateway) that can be seen from a distance. The temple was consecrated by Saint Ramanujacharya in AD 1130. The main sanctuaries in the temple are dedicated to Vishnu and Krishna.

Sri Kapileswaraswami Temple (3 kms) :

It is the only temple dedicated as Lord Siva. The temple has an attractive setting and there is a sacred waterfall called Kapila Teertham or Alwar Teertham located here.

Sri. Kodandaramaswami Temple :

Build by a Chola King during the tenth century AD, the temple has Rama, Sita and Lakshamana as the presiding deities.

Akasa Ganga :

About 3 km north of the main temple is a perennial stream that is said to flow from the feet of the deity. The Akasa Ganga, as it is called, is considered sacred as the Vedas describe it as flowing from the feet of Lord Vishnu. The water from here is used for the daily rituals in the temple.

Goddess Alameumanga Temple (Padmavati Temple) :

Being in a temple town at the foothills of the world famous Balaji shrine at Tirumala, one is bound to visit such temples as the Alamelumanga temple at Tiruchanur, four kms from Tirupati. The temple dedicated to goddess Padmavati, the consort of Lord Venkteswara is here and people visiting the Tirumala hills make it a point to visit Alamelumanga too. The town lies on the bank of the River Swarnamuki.

Sri Kalyana VEnkateswaraswami Temple (12 kms) :

Legend has it that Lord Venkateswara stayed here after his marriage with Sri. Padmavathi Devi before proceeding to Tirumala.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kauai Vacation Rentals : Get life's pleasureful moments

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India : Tirumala Tirupati : Lord of the Seven Hills - 1

Image Source : Tirupati

The eastern ghats form a major of hills in Andhra Pradesh, starting in the southern-most district of Chittor bordering Tamilnadu and snaking up to the north coastal districs of Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram. Amidst the thickly-wooded hills in Chittor lies the temple town of Tirumala and Tirupati at the foothills.

The range of hill is said to resemble a snake with Tirumala forming the hood. Lord Venkateswara known as 'Lord of the Seven Hills' and 'Balaji' is the 'Kaliyuga' incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Tirupati and Tirumala today are modern destination of pilgrim tourist. Not only the bliss of a divine 'darshan' but added attractions provided by nature as well as a pro-active administration make them the ideal pilgrimage-cum-holiday destination.

While Balaji remains the main draw, the beauties of nature and the serene surroundings, made more attractive with modern add-ons, have made Tirupati today a much visited town. A beautiful ghat road leads up across the Seven Hills to Tirumala, the abode of Lord Venkateshwara. The old ghat road is used for one way traffic coming down.

Tirupati Balaji Slide Show :

How to reach at Tirupati Tirumala : (For enlarge view click at the center)

In terms of connectivity, the destinations are well defined by all means of transport be it air, rail or road.

By Air :

Direct flights to Tirupati are available from Hyderabad and Chennai only.

By Rail :

Direct railway services are available from Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore.

By Road :

ASPSRTC buses rn from all the important places in the state and between Tirupati and Tirumala. TTD also runs buses between Tirupati and Tirumala, free of cost. Tirupati is well connected to Bangalore 258 kms, Chennai 137 kms, Hyderabad 562 kms and Vijayawada.

Best Season to visit :

September to February

Languages :

Telugu and English

STD Code : 0877

Andhra Pradesh Tourism Hotel, : 2270055

Srinivasam, TTD, Guesthouse, : 2281190

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Four Square of the World : Just Take off

Guys, anyone here to have an experience with the Four Square of the World? I am asking about the most beautiful destinations of the world Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and New Zealand. If you would like to spend your time at luxurious spots then you could not miss to visit the Four Square.

But before moving towards it, just take a look on this important information which may helpful to you while wondering at Four Square.

As you planned your trip, the first spot of your luxurious tour is Auckland.

Image Source : Google

Now tell me what you expect from Auckland? Is it breathtaking scenery? Is it beautiful beaches? Is it invigorating walks? Is it idyllic holiday islands? Is it outstanding food and wine? Is it great shopping and exciting nightlife?

Everyone wants all these things. I know. Because, it is the power gifted by the nature. That is why everyone arousing and holding their attention to Auckland. One more thing why all people most like to visit Auckland? It is nothing but a season of during autumn is splendid at Auckland, and nobody wants to missed it. These autumn days, Auckland city wearing the unfold intense colours of green and gold. Just imagine, how is the scene and the time at Auckland?

I would like to add here the most important thing, that Auckland accomodation are waiting for you. You can get cheap stay at this city anywhere you go. Guys, just take a look on this Auckland Accommodation slide show :

Guys, do not miss to visit these most fantabulous places at Auckland. Albert Park, Victoria Park, Grey Lynn Park, Chamberlain Park Golf Course and Myers Park.

Here is your 2nd destination, Wellington. Guys who are crazy about the action-packed adventure are most welcome in Wellington. Because, Wellington offers adventure activities to strikingly expressive walks around the beautiful harbor and hills.

Guys do not miss the opportunity to visit some beautiful locations at Wellington. It is a home to the National Opera Company, City Gallery, the Royal New Zealand Ballet, St James' Theater, Downstage Theater, Bats Theater, the Arts Foundation of New Zealand and the New Zealand International Arts Festival, the Wellington Performing Arts Centre is also an important local source for theater.

What you get if you book a suit at Wellington accommodation :

Guys, here are the some special features if you can book your suit at Wellington accommodation. You can get affordable meal nights, supermarket over the road (open till midnight), Ample comfortable Lounge Areas, free comprehensive travel booking service, internet lounge with Skype and printing facilities, WiFi access available, Bicycle hire and so many good services you just never imagine.

When you visit at Christchurch, first you book your suit at any cheapest range Christchurch accommodations. Because, once you book it then there has been no reason to worry about it. You can move and visit freely.

Christchurch is also known as Garden City. Which place you would like to visit first at Christchurch? Why I am asking this question because, here is the big issue to visit the first place. You never able to decide the places coz, all are unique and fantabulous. Just take a look on this list for your reference. You can visit at Air Force Museum, Arts Center, Botanic Gardens, Provincial Council Buildings, Cathedral Square Market, Centre of Contemporary Art, Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu, Christchurch Casino, Christchurch Central City Lanes Walk, Christchurch Gondola, Christchurch Leisure Centres, Christchurch Tramway, The Circuit, Clearwater Resort, Cultural Precinct, Ferrymead Heritage Park, Harbour Cruises, International Antarctic Centre, Lyttelton Harbour Cruises, Mona Vale Gardens, Nga Hau E Wha Marae, Orana Wildlife Park, The City O-Tautahi, Punting, Riccarton House & Bush, Riccarton Market, Science Alive, Southern Encounter Aquarium and Kiwi House, Tranz Scenic Unique Train Journeys, Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, Yaldhurst Museum of Transport and Science.

Now tell me how many days you require to visit at only Christchurch? Well, that is why I am suggest you to plan your trip with free mind.

It is the last destination of Four Square. The New Zealand.

Guys, which hotel or resort you most like if think about the New Zealand accommodation? You can avail the facility for your stay at any hotel within the cheapest range of New Zealand accommodation. Just choose your favorite New Zealand accommodation from the below slide show.

Guys, it is time to stop here now. There are so many things I would like to add here. But due to time constraint it is not possible right now. In next segment, I will fulfill your expectations and your hungriness about the tour, travel and tourism. Till then enjoy your Four Square trip and take off.