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Friday, February 24, 2012

Araku Valley -The Coolest Summer In Andhra

Araku ValleyAraku Valley lies 3,100 ft high up in the Eastern Ghats, close to Orissa.

Route from Visakhapatnam :

Sriharikota Road to Araku via Simhachalam, Veerabhadrapuram, Anantagiri and Sunkermetta

The passengers disappears 52 times on its way to Araku Valley. It emerges from the tunnels only to be lost again in spools of itinerant clouds that find their way to you through the window - outside, the green is so bright that it tears through the haze of white vapour. The paddy fields, the coffee plantations and the forests all stand broken by spears of falling water.

An excitable railway employee who's made this trip many times compares the journey's 52 dark tunnels to the 52 work logged weeks people have endured before attaining a holiday at Araku. For, even on its 'off' days, this place can make short work of fatigue. That Araku no longer has an off-season is partly the work of AP Tourism. It was a good day for them when Araku Valley was cut out from Orissa and placed on their side of the map. And today there are prompting its waterfalls, rolling hills and tribal culture with great efficiency.
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