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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Got a Tattoo to Alleviate some Doldrums

Life keeps ticking on, and that i haven’t been sure how to muster inside the will to hold going. No, I’m not being dramatic, I’m not thinking about anything extreme, I’m just a little bummed. I guess you might say it’s a mid-life crisis. I’m not contemplating getting a red convertible, well, I wasn’t until I just wrote that, i am just. But it’s not the standard feelings and thoughts, at least as portrayed inside the movies. And I’m certainly not on the verge of wearing down and destroying civilization as we know it.

No, it’s more an in-depth omnipresent feeling which i can’t get out of my head, that I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing, but I’m stuck in the current path i don’t really see what direction I ought to steer myself in. I thought we would compromise with my brain, okay, you’re not satisfied, but you will take control of a lot of things. I can at least rebel in this way in a way that’s fairly socially acceptable.

I decided to get a tattoo, however i didn’t want to just go to a parlor and get any old design on any old part of me, I needed to do it myself. I wanted the satisfaction of not only getting a tattoo but of learning a new skill. I believed that would make me feel much better. I got among those tattoo kits and tattoo gun that comes with the rest of the necessities for home tattooing.

I believed, and correctly, that that you will find a heck of an lot easier than piecing together all the things I’d need on my own. It was also simple to get everything, because I was referred to http://www.thelashop.com/ which just had all I desired right there. So that part was extremely easy. I haven’t yet given myself the tattoo, on the other hand have been practicing on the practice skins and think I understand what I want to do, and where. I can’t really share by purchasing the world now, because again, I’m carrying this out for me.
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