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Monday, March 12, 2007

INDIA : Aurangabad - Ghrishneshwar Temple_01

GHRISHNESHWAR is belonging to out of 12 JYOTIRLINGA of INDIA. This temple is located in village "VERUL", which is 30 km away from Aurangabad.
The SHIVPURAN tells the story of GHRISHNESHWAR as follows :
A Brahmin "BRAHMAVETTA SUDHARAM" along with his wife "SUDEHA" lived on a mountain called DEVGIRI at Southern region. He was a scholarly person and a teacher of VEDAS. He used to teach the Holy Scripture to his students. Due to Sudeha's pitiful ness, they did not have their own child. She had tried all the possible therapeutics but all the efforts went in vain. She went her sister GHUSHMA and forcing her purposely to married to her husband for the sake of child. Sudeha would serve Sudharam along with Ghusmhma her sister. By Sudheha's advice, her sister Ghusma used to make 101 lingas and worship them. She used to discharge the lingas in the center of the lake.
After Blessing of Lord Shiva, Ghushma was blessed with a beauteous boy. Due to this Ghushma became proud and Sudeha started feeling jealous towards her sister. One neight, jealous Sudeha took Ghushma's son and killed him and threw him in the center of the lake where Ghushma used to discharge the lingas.
On the next early morning, Ghushma got up and involved in her daily routine work. Her husband, Sudharm also involved in daily work. Sudeha also got up and started her daily routine. Ghushma's daughter-in-law saw stains of blood on Sudharm's bed and his parts of body soaked in blood, she was alarmed. She came to her and told everything. Ghushma was crying and absorbed in worshipping Lord Shiva. Sudeha did not discourage and her husband too. When she saw the bed drenched in blood she did not break down. Ghushma Said, ''HE (Lord Shiva) WHO HAS GIVEN ME THIS CHILD SHALL PROTECT HIM !!!" and she started to retelling "SHIVA, SHIVA, SHIVA !!!" endlessly. Lastly, she went to discharge the SHIVLINGAS after her prayers, she saw her son coming. She take a look to him, her son was neither happy nor sad. Suddenly, Lord Shiva appeared before her and told, "I am proud of with your devotedness. Your sister killed your son.
Ghushma bowed down before Lord Shiva and told him to forgive and excuse her. After that, Lord Shiva asked her for another blessing. Ghushma replied, "if he really happy with her devotion, he should occupy her forever for the gain of the multitudes in the form of a JYOTIRLINGA and it may you be known by my name !". After her serious request he evidenced in the form of Jyotirling and by that day it was named as GUSHMESHWAR which is earlier pronounced as GHRISHNESHWAR.

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