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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Theur (Thevoor) : A place of Worship at Pune

Click on the MAP for larger view

Theur (Thevoor) is located 26 kms away from Pune, also known as Shri. Chintamani. The idol is trusted to be "Swayambhu" ( Self Created ) as was found or not sculpted by human hands.

On the visit of Gana ( Son of King Abhijit ) to Saga Kapila he greatly desired the Chintamani, which Kapila used to fulfill his wishes. Kapila refused to part with the stone but Gana took it forcibly. Shri Durga advised Kapila to worship Ganpati. After worshipping Kapila killed Gana. Then King Abhijit returned the Jewel to Kapila but he did not take it. Ganpati stayed on the spot under Kadamba tree and called himself Chintamani.

The great Madhavrao Peshwa renovated this place. Peshwe Wada - a mansion built by the Peshwas is worth a visit. It was here that Madhavrao Peshwe breathed his last. Now, it is the time to take blessings of Ashtavinayaka. Just go and feel the blessings. If you would like to move towards Ashtavinayaka Darshan, here is the MAP for your kind reference.

Click on the MAP for larger view

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