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Sunday, March 9, 2008

India : Bodh Gaya : Attractions and Excursions - 2

In 2nd part we discuss about the other attractions and excursions of Bodh Gaya.

Animeshlocha Stupa:

Buddha spent the second week after enlightenment at the Animeshlocha Stupa, from where he gazed at the Bodhi tree without blinking.

Muchalinda Lake:

The sixth week takes us to Muchalinda lake where the serpent king, Muchalinda, dwelling at the bottom of the lake, rose out to proted the master from a severe storm created by Maya (the god of chaos) to disturb the meditation.

Under the tree is the Vajrasana (diamond throne), a rectangular slab of polished red sandstone, covered with a gold canopy. This is kept at the exact spot where Buddha is believed to have been sitting when he attained enlightenment.

Bodh Gaya Museum:

Bodh Gaya Museum run by the Archaeological Survey of India, it has a large collection of Buddhist and Hindu relics, terracotta seals, scriptures and railings/pillars from the stone age and Gupta period. It is open from 9 am to 4.30 pm, closed on Friday, and there an entry fee of Rs. 2/- only.
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