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Monday, March 24, 2008

India : Gujarat : Attractions and Excrusions - 4

Guys, there are several other small temples which contain feet-images of Chakravarty Bharat, Lord Neminath's Ganadhar Vardatt, Lord Aadinath, Parshwanath and the images of Varikhill, Naarad, Ram, Bharat, Shuk Paribrajak, Thawachcha Putra, Selak, Suri, Jail, Mayali and other gods and goddesses. Midway, we came across Kumarpal-kund and Sala-kund as well. Near Sala-Kund lies Jinendra Toonk, in which are the idols of the gurus and the gods. Among these idols, the images of Mother Padamavati Devis is very beautiful from the art point of view.

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On proceeding a little further we find the road bifurcated one leads to Nine Toonks and the other to the main Toonk of Lord Aadinath. On going towards the main Toonk, first of all Ram Pal and Goadhan Pol are seen. Further, while entering Haathi Pol, Sooraj Kund, Bheem Kund and Ishwar Kund are seen.

On the road to nine Toonks the first Toonk is that of Seth Narshi Keshav who got this Toonk built in Somvat 1921. The idol of Trithankar Shanitinath adornks this beautiful Jinalaya.

Second is the Kharatarwasahi Toonk. This is also called Chaumukhji's Toonk. This temple is built on the northern summit of the hill. This is the highest Toonk among all the Toonks built on the Shatrunjay Hill. The lafty top fo this temple can be seen from for away. The renovation of this very lafty Jinalaya was done in Samvat 1675 by Seth Sadasomji. Four huge idols of Lord Aadinath adorn this temple as the Chaumukhji facing four sides of Lord Aadinath. In this very Toonk, the temple of Tirthankar Rishabhdev's mother Marudevi is also built. At the rear portion of this temple are the idols of five Pandavas, mother Kunti and Draupadi.

The third Toonk was built by Cheepa brother; therefore it is called Cheepawasahi Toonk. Tirthankar Rishabhadev adrorns, as the principal deity, this temple which was built in Samvat 1791.
The fourth Toonk is Saakarwasahi. In this Toonk built by Seth Saakarchanad Premchand, there are teh idols of four immortal Jineshwars Rishbhanan, Chandranan, Varishen and Vardhamaan.

The sixth Toonk, Heemwasahi, was built by Heema Bhai in Samvat 1886. Here the principal deity is Lord Shree Aadinath.

The seventh is Premwasahi Toonk. Built by Modi Shree Premchandra Lavjee, the principal deity of this temple is Trithankar Shree Rishbhdev.

The eight one is Balawasahi Toon. This temple was renovated in Samvat 1193 by Bala Bhai. The principal deity of this temple is Lord Aadinath.

The ninth is Motishah Toonk. This is the biggest temple had been built by Seth Motishaha, and his worthy son Khemchand had got it consecrated on Samvat 1893. This temple is in itself a cluster of some big and some small temples. The principal deity of this temple is Lord Shree Aadinath.

A special temple has been built near Premwasahi Toonk. An 18-feet high idol of Tirthankar Aadinath in Padmasan (lotus posture) adorn this temple. This idol is also identified as "Adbhut Baba".

The idol of Tirthankar Rishabhdev adorns the main Toonk of Shatrunjay hill. This white-colored holy image is 2.19 meters high. People pine for seeing and worshipping this extremely holy idol. Just on viewing this idol, a sea of devotion surges on. It is due to the holiness of the hill and this idol that it has been said, " He who hasn't visited Shatrunjay pilgrimage is living in womb".

On the rear portion of the temple is the Ravan Tree, which is very ancient. It is said that Tirthankar Aadinath had practiced a long penance under this very tree. Huge image of foot-prints of Tirthankar Aadinath measuring 47 x 25 inches adorn this place. Besides the hill in Palitana, at the fool-hill are Somawasaran Temple, Aagam Temple, Jamboo Dweep, Sprawling Museum, etc. which are worth a visit. The Journey to this great pilgrimage is really the most fortunate moment of life.
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