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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

India : Tirumala : Tirupati : Attractions and Excursions - 4

Guys, here are some attractions and excursions of Tirumala Tirupati, just take a look.

Kanipakam :

This is a 11th century Vinayaka temple and the peculiarity is that the idol seems to be growing in size. A 'Kawacham' (breast plate) made of the idol half a century ago has become too small for it now. It's really amazing.

Sri Kalahasti (36 kms) :

The temple of Siva in the form of a 'Vayulinga'. According to legend, a spider (Sri) spun a web over the Linga, Kala, a snake, placed a gem atop it and Hasti, and elephant, brought water in its trunk to wash the Linga. All three were ardent worshippers of Siva. The flame (deepam) in the temple flickers frequently as air (Vayu) is said to be constantly emanating form the Sivalinga.

Agastyaswamy Temple (12 kms) :

At the confluence of three rivers, namely, Swarnamukhi, Bhima and Kalyan, lies the Agastyaswamy Temple. The temple has three beautifully sculptured entrances that heighten the grandeur of the hall inside. A separate shrine for Goddess Paravati is also located within this temple.

Talakona :

Talakona is a forest located 30 kms form Tirupati. Deep in these forest is a 6m prennial waterfall known as 'Talakona'. It is an enchanting picnic spot of great scenic beauty. It is believed that this place is the threshold to hte seven hills of Tirumala.

Kalyani Dam (18 kms) :

The dam is the main water source for Tirupati Balaji and Tirumalai.
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