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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

India : Agra & Jaipur : Jaipur Fairs and Festivals - 7

Guys, just take a look on the Jaipur Fairs and Festivals. It is the 7th article on the Agra & Jaipur cities. Guys, do not miss the opportunity to watch the Festivals at Jaipur in the month of April every year. This is the month of April and all the Jaipur Festivals waiting for you.

Elephant Festival:

A royal procession of sixty decorated elephants, a match of elephant polo, an elephant race and playing Holi on elephants are main events of this festival.

Gangaur Festival (April):

This festival is dedicated to Goddess "Gauri (Parvati)", the festival commences on Holi. YOung girls pray for grooms of their choice while married women seek a long life for their husbands.

Teej Fair, Jaipur (August):

Teej marks the advent of monsoon.

Pushkar Camel Fair:

The biggest of Rajasthan's numerous fairs, Pushkar takes it names from the Pushkar Lake near Ajmer where it is held annually. A huge cattle market is Pushkar's biggest draw where camels and horses in spirited bidding. For the women, it is a chance to bargain over bangles, cloths, pots, pans and other utensils.

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