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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

LifeLock Review : A Specular Reflection of Identity Theft

"A mirror is an object with a surface that has a good specular reflection; that is, it is smooth enough to form an image." Guys, if it is true, then it means LifeLock Reviews gets its SPECULAR position in every bodies heart. What is the exact meaning of a review? Is it, 'a review is an evaluation of a publication'? If the answer is yes, then the company lifelock proves its best concerning Identity Theft. Everyday persons caught by identity theft at every corner of the world and there is no remedy of it before lifelock comes in existence.

Actually, there are many lifelock review placed on this net. Every time when I read these reviews I found a comparative statement located on this site. After receiving opinions from my many friends and their ratings about lifelock I agree the efforts spent by this company who is now the number one in dealing with Identity Theft issues in the market.

IIf you really compare the services offered by lifelock with other competitors you can give 9 out 9 (9 characteristics of lifelock) marks with blind eyes to lifelock. Yes, it is the only truth because of following reasons :
  1. Lifelock is having an 'Automatic Fraud Alert' system
  2. Alert Renewals
  3. Credit Reports
  4. Removal from pre-approved credit ads
  5. $1 million total service guarantee (not found ever with other competitors)
  6. Legal assistance to recover stolen identities
  7. WalletLock
  8. Excellent Customer Service
  9. RD17 LifeLock Promo Code having annual subscription fees of $99/year with 30 days free grace period for trial
That is why I give in 9 out of 9. I do not need any sort of review or anybodies opinion regarding the matter of Identity Theft hereafter. Because, now I am secure with a Specular Reflection of LifeLock.
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