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Monday, September 26, 2011

Goa : The Old City - II

Friends, here all you can find more information to visit the places within Goa.

On the Holy Hill where now stands the Tower of St. Augustine. The New College of St. Paul or of St. Rock, the second institution of the Jesuits (1580) - the two stones marking the site have now disappeared when Navelkar's Complex was built.

The Augustinian College and Church of Our Lady of Populo (1633) and Church of Our Lady of Grace (Graca-1602) now all in ruins, except the Tower to the North.

On the outerio de Sto Amaro (Hill of St. Amaro) - somewhere in the direction of the old St. Paul's College there stood the :

01. Paroquial Church of St. Alex (1597-1610), near the Convent of the Carmelites which no longer exists.

02. Convent and Church of the Carmelites (1621) which has disappeared now - only the altar stands there surrounded by bushes, etc.

03. Collegiate of Our Lady of Light (before 1541) on the "Monte de Boa Vista" to the South of the City (Cfr. The Miraculous Cross).

At Dauji, East of the City - along the river Mandovi:

01. There existed the Convent and the Church of Mother of God (1567);

02. The Paroquial Church of Santa Lucia (before 1541);

03. The Paroquial Church of St. Joseph

All these three institutions are not there any more....so stay tuned with Old City - Goa
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