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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Goa : The Old City - I


All you welcome to the Old City of Goa. Once it called Rome of the East because of the large number of Churches and Convents that existed there. It was the Capital of the Portuguese Empire and Centre of Christianity in the East; now only 13 Churches and chapels are standing whose historical sketches I am elaborating here with.

There were many places of St. Thomas, The Apostle (1560), in the direction of the East, after the old college of Saint Paul's College.

The Church of St. Lazarus (1530-31) with the Chapel of St. Louis, King of France, towards the Eastern boundary of the City.

The Convent and Church of St. Dominic (1950), in the direction of the East, near the Southern banks of River, Mandovi or Manddvi.

The Chapel of Our Lady of Mercy, attached to the Dominican Convent.

Chapel of St. John the Baptist, in front of the Convent of St. Dominic.

The Church of the Holy Trinity (1565-1575) in the Southern direction where now stands, the Pagoda of Xiva or Thirta of Brahmapur; near the present ELA FARM.

So, all you are welcome to visit Goa - The Old City of wonders...
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