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Friday, June 6, 2008

India : Madhya Pradesh : Other Attractions - 7

Guys, here are some other attractions belonging to Khajuraho and Orccha cities that one can could not miss to see.

Archaeological Museum :

Situated near the western group of temples, this museum has collection of sculptures, inscriptions, architectural panels and friezes dating back to the 10th and 12th centuries.

Beni Sagar Lake (7 kms) :

It is a good picnic spot, suitable for booting and angling.

Panna National Park (32 kms) :

Situated in a large dense forest belt forming the northen fringe of the natural teak, forest, the park provides on ideal habitat for the tiger. Other rare species that can be seen are the panther, wolf, and gharial.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary (25 kms) :

It is at the confluence of the Ken and Khudar rivers further down Raneh Falls and Nature Trail. Long snorted Gharials can be seen here.

Rajgarh Palace (25 kms) :

A picturesque 150 years old palace.

Gangau Dam (34 kms) :

A natural dam of the confluence of the Ken and Simit rivers. It is a ideal for nature lovers, anglers and the adventure minded.

Panna (44 kms) :

Historic town and capital of Chhatrasal, a national warror and founder of Bundella Kingdom. Panna is also known for the temples of Baldevji, Kishorji, Govindji, Prannathji, Jagannath Swami and Ram.

Ranesh Waterfalls (20 kms) :

Ranesh Falls on the ken river are famous for tis granite rock formations. The main attraction is a 5 km long, 100 foot deep canyon made of pure crystalline granite in varying shades of colors ranging pink and red trey. A series of seasonal waterfalls surrounded by jungles make it an ideal picnic spot.

Pandav Falls (34 kms) :

A picturesque waterfalls in a bowl shpaed valley on the ken river. The Pandavas are said to have spent a part of their exile here.

Dhubela Museum (57 kms) :

Located on the banks of a lake, the museum houses a wide variety of Shakti Cult Sculptures.

Ken Nature Trail (25 kms) :

It is a jungle track along the beautiful river Ken exhibiting natural beauty.

Rangaun Lake (25 kms) :

It is an ideal picnic spot suitable for boating and angling.

Majhgawan Diamond Mines (56 kms) :

The only working mines in India and the largest in Asia, under the control of the National Mineral Development Corporation Ltd.

Ajaygarh Fort (80 kms) :

An old fort, it was the capital of the Chandelas.

Kalinjar Fort (100 kms) :

The fort stands on an isolated hill of the Vindhyan range and was built during the period of the Guptas.

Nachna (100 kms) :

A famous city of the Gupta Empire, it was known for the Chatumukha Mahadeva Temple.

Satna (120 kms) :

An upcoming industrial town, famous for it's cement factory.

Chitrakoot (185 kms) :

Chitrakoot, 'The hill of many wonder", is a holy town closely associated with the epic. Ramayana, set in sylvan surroundings on the banks of the river Mandakini. It is believed to be the place where Lord Rama and Sita spent 14 years of exile and where the Sage Arti and Sati Anwsuya meditated. The river side is lined with ghats and the town dotted with temples dedicated to several deities of the Hindu Pantheon.
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