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Monday, June 30, 2008

Indian Art and Craft : Contemporary Painting - 8

The blossoming of contemporary art in India has become evident to the international art community only recently. As artists in India have adapted traditional imagery and ideas to modern artistic practice, the nation has begun to contribute to the multiplicity of variations on modernism reflective of non-western cultures. Artists working with oil or acrylic are in demand in India. Their works are not intended to serve any functional purpose, but as in modern western canvases, are modes of self-expression.

Contemporary art from India presents two distinct yet coexisting cultures that create art-folk and tribal and the other, urban and modern.

Maqbool Fida Husain is one of the best known artists in the subcontinent. The most influential painter since the 1950s, his subject matter is pointedly local and indigenous. While some of his work is neo-cubistic, he has used the spectrum of Indian myths and folklore to striking effects.

Other known artists include Satish Gujral, whose work draws inspiration from a painful and emotionally surcharged past. When the true chronicle of contemporary Indian art will be written. Tyeb Mehta will be seen as one of its benefactors. In F.N. Souza's veins seems to run a trace of the determined Vasco da Gama blood. He also seems to have been baptized in the church of the bull painting Spanish master. And if we call this artistic fun, the painter has had plenty of it. Master painter Krishen Khanna has doen very different orders of work throughout the years, right from the Japanese Sumi-e to Che Guvera, and now there is the search into his own roots of much distinction.

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