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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

India : Madhya Pradesh : Khajuraho : What to see and Excursions - 5

Guys let us find here some most beautiful sights at Khajuraho.

Lakshmi & Varaha Temple :

There are two small shrines here. The latter has a huge beautifully carved figure of the Varaha (Wild boar) incarnation of Lord Vishnu worth seeing.

Son-et-Lumiere :

A Son-et-Lumiere show, detailing the history of Khajuraho has been introduced at the western group of temples. It is represented in Hindi and English.

Lakshmana Temple :

It is one of the earliest and also one of the best preserved temples in the area, with full five-part floor plan and four subsidiary shrines. Around the temple are two bands instead of the usual three; the lower one has fine figures of Apsaras (celestial maidens). Around the base of the temple is the continous frieze with the scenes of the battles, hunting and the processions.

Chausat Yogini Temple :

It is the oldest of the surviving tempels of Khajuraho and the only temple built in granite. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Kalli. Chausat means 64 in number. This temple once had 64 cells for figures of 64 yoginis (female goddess attendants) hwo were at the service of Goddess Kali. the 65th cell is meant for goddess Kali herself.

Matangeshwara Temple :

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, a huge 2.5 meter high lingam is placed in the sanctum. There is a statue of Ganesha outside.

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