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Friday, October 24, 2008

Himachal Pradesh : Bhuri Singh Museum, Shimla - 5

Guys, this museum has large collection of embroidered Chamba-Rumals and old coins. Some of its other main attractions are a collection of hill jewellery and costumes-both traditional and royal, along with various displays of arms and armour. It also features carved doors from old palaces and numerous frescoes.

Bhuri Singh Museum puts up the tourists with an opportunity to research the rich historicity and brilliance of Himachal Pradesh. The fantabulous infrastructural amenities of the state help the tourists to easily travel from Dalhousie to the Chamba Valley of Himachal Pradesh by road.

The well known Bhuri Singh Museum has derived its name from the powerful king of the Chamba Valley. The Museum has a immense reserve of dainty paintings of the ancient times, age-old jewelries of the royal family of Bhuri Singh, coins, beautifully designed handkerchiefs, traditional costumes, indigenous musical instruments and weapons that excogitate the majestic resplendency of the region.

Bhuri Singh Museum was accomplished in the year of 1908. The museum draws several tourists from far and wide who are thrilled with the large collection of antique pieces of art and craft of Himachal Pradesh during the ancient period. One can explore the elegantly designed wooden doors and windows that reflect the architectural magnificence of the past period of the state.

The Bhuri Singh Museum of Chamba Valley remains open to visitors through out the week from 10 am to 5 pm. However, the museum remains closed on every Monday and on all national holidays.

The interested tourists usually visit Chamba Valley from Dalhousie via Shimla. The travel agents of Himachal Pradesh organize numerous tours from Dalhousie to the Bhuri Singh Museum through Shimla, at regular intervals.

The distance between Dalhousie to Chamba Valley is covered by private cars or by luxury buses. One of the notable tours from Dalhousie, the visit to Bhuri Singh Museum enriches the historical knowledge of the tourists.

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