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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shimla State Museum - 6

Guys, Shimla State Museum has a colletion of contemporary and antique works of art, with its main attraction being the magnificent "Pahari" miniature paintings. The museum also features stone sculputres of consideratble antiquity. There is a collection of assorted bronzes, arms and armour, dolls, anthropological, magnificent paintings, sculptures, coins, handicrafts, photos, etc items and numismatic finds.

The state museum is a prime drawing card of the plaza area of Shimla built in the style of a resident of a colony building with spreading out carelessly lawns all around. This museum waskicked off in 1974.

The museum is open from ten in the morning to five in the evening. It is open on all days except Monday and the National Holidays. The state museum of Shimla also incorporates a library that is loaded with historical books and manuscripts.

The Shimla State Museum was set up exclusively with the purpose of conserving the rich cultural heritage of the state and to spread the message of cultural legacy over generations.

The paintings describes the life and culture of the rough people. Besides there is a huge collection of Mughal and Rajasthani paintings. The museum holds the sculptural merit of the 8th century stone works of Masrur and Bajaura. Also a wide lay out of Himachali dolls are displayed here.

The Shimla State Museum is visited by the researchers from both domestic as well as foreign lands. Following are the various galleries of the Shimla State Museum are as follows:

1. Pre-Historic Gallery- The gallery consists of ancient stone age tools as well as models of extinct animals.

2. Wood-Carving Gallery- Remains of wood panels of ancient temples and traditional wood artistry and stone work is found here.

3. Archaeology Gallery- Storehouse of sculptural works and terracotta stuffs of Maurya, Shunga and Gupta period.

4. Wall Painting Gallery- Bags wall painting of the Rang Mahal of Chamba.

5. Numismatic Gallery- Has got an extensive collection of the coins of Himachal Pradesh.

So, the visitors if you are on the way of Himachal Pradesh then do not miss to visit Shimla State Musuem.

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