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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Disney Bingo : The world's game treasure trove!

An organized activity, usually attempted for receiving pleasure from something and sometimes also used as an educational tool known as Game. All we know it. I have seen and experienced about freak of Mickey Mouse. In fact, many of us grow with the Mickey Mouse till he/she become a grand parent of their kids. Generally, games are more concerned with the expression of ideas. All the same, the differentiation about the game is not cleared, and many games are also considered to be work such as professional players or art such as puzzle games or games affecting an pleasing layout.

I don't know how it was happened? From last 3-4 days my naughty kid calling into question about some sort of games. My curiosity never stay me alone at home and I just moved with him at mall nearby my home. He directly entered at section named "Kid Games". He hold one box and pointing me out to buy it. I hold the box and observing carefully. It was a Disney Bingo DVD. Without any thoughts I packed it and came home. The moment I inserted DVD in the slot, me and my family are just amazed. We were observing the expressions of our kid and just passes the thanks to ScreenLifeGames.com.

Yeah! guys, it is the website who gives the pleasure moments to me and my family. It is the world's game treasure trove. This website especially meant for enjoyment. At the night, again I moved towards ScreenLifeGames.com and listed out following games to give the surprise for my naughty kid. They are:

1. Snow White
2. Sleeping Beauty
3. Beauty and the Beast (Bella)
4. Nemo
5. Peter Pan,
6. Cinderella,
7. Bambi
8. Pinocchio
9. Mickey Mouse
10. Minnie Mouse
11. Geoffy
12. Donald Duck
13. Daisy Duck
14. Jasmine
15. Lido

Guys, if all you not listed out any 5 top games yet then surely you missed out the pleasure of Disney Bingo's treasure trove. Through this website you can list out any best-loved 5 Disney songs, characters, movies, etc. to bring the retreat for your family.

Guys, this is a first game company located at Seattle, WA., Screenlife, LLC and they are maker and world's chairing developer of DVD games, including Scene It?. They are the highest marketing DVD game worldwide. Till time they sold more than 15 million DVD games. Here you can get socially synergistic and integrated amusements.

Guys from all over the world all these Scene It? and Screenlife branded games are now available in nine languages, across 28 countries and in more than 50,000 retail emplacements worldwide. So, there is no need to search it any local stores at your city. For some reason, if you could not able to get it from your localized shop. Just surf at Amazon.com or Drugstore.com and buy your top 5 listed Disney Bingo DVD games. Also, you can get more information about "Scene It?" and other Screenlife games at ScreenLifeGames.com or just ring up at 1.866.DVD.GAME.
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