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Monday, September 8, 2008

Nature and WildLife of India : WildLife Protection Act 1972 - 1

Hello guys, I am comping up with new segment of India. Yeah! i.e. the Nature and WildLife of India. Here is one question for all you guys, how many of you knows the Wildlife Protection Act? All you might thought that I am taking a law exam. No, it is not that. I am asking you this question on the ground of recent happenings. Yes, it is the hunting of poor "CHINKARA's". I am sure that a brightening glows in your mind.

Just recall the SALMAN KHAN case some years back and recent case of Honourable BABARAO ATRAM. What is the fault of all these poor animals that we shoot out all them one-by-one. To prevent them a great Wildlife Protection Act 1972 comes in existance. Just take an exact look of this act here -

Guys, Wildlife Protection Act 1972 is an offences under Section 9, 39, 40(2) in which -

1. Hunting, keeping or breeding of any wildlife or animals

2. Acquiring, receiving, keeping in control, custody or possession, selling wild animals like monkeys, snakes, bears etc. or any wild birds. This includes parakeets (Any of numerous small slender long-tailed parrots) and mynahs (Tropical Asian starlings).

3. Selling skins or meat of wild animals. This includes monitor lizard oil or oil made of any other creature like stuffed squirrels, snake skins, peacock feathers.

If you held under this section then this act will take care of you like here -

Guys, here is the penalty : the offender shall be punishable with imprisonment of a term of not less than one year, which may extend to six years, and also a fine which shall not be less than Rs. 5000/-

Guys, no nation on earth has more varied or outstanding wildlife and nature than India. And few countries have made a more unhesitating effort to preserve their native species in the face of ostensibly impossible betting odds.

India has one of the world's richest natural heritage. 65000 species of fauna including 350 of mammals, 408 of reptiles, 197 of amphibians, 1244 of birds, 2546 of fish as well as 15000 of flowering plants. The country also has some 16 major forest types which can be further subdivided into 221 minor types.

For the nature supporter, there are perhaps more than 450 national parks and sanctuaries in India, along with the splendid diversity of its natural wonders.

In fact, plan a trip to experience the Indian wild and you may be inspired to spin a yarn of your own that will become a traditional knowledge.
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