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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Adventure India : Rock Climbing - 3

The first stage to mountain climbing, rock climbing, is constantly increasing its tribe of enthusiasts. Himachal's steep rocky cliffs and mountain sides of Manali valley offer much to explore and conquer. Rock climbing uses a minimum of aids and the challenge is to find the toughest route and scale in the least possible time. Hands and feet do most of the work, but safety equipment like ropes, body harness, friends (cramming devices that contract to the pulling of a trigger and are wedged in the crevices) and nuts (metal wedges of different sizes) are essential. Just take an adventurous look at this slide show :

The availability of good climbing rocks not too far from the city gets greater access and participation from professionals as well as from the amateurs alike. Bangalore is in the centre of a number of rock-climbing destinations like Ramangaram (the setting for the Hindi blockbuster SHOLAY). Savandurga, Thuralli, Kabbal, Raogodhu and others. Badami, a five-hour drive from Bangalore, is also a good place for rock climbing. Kambakkam, around 100 kms from Cheenai, provides good climbing in many grades while Hampi in Karnataka has some of the best granite rocks in India providing the climbers ample opportunities to test their skills.

In a 300-kms radius adjoining Kolkata, there are some rock-climbing destinations such as Purulia, Matah Bura, Jai Chandi and Susunia Hills. The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute offeres courses in mountaineering at Gobu and Tenzing Norgay Rocks.

There are several good rock-climbing destinations near Mumbai like KANHERI, MUMBRA BOULDERS, MANORI ROCKS, KARNALA and MATHERAN. In Gujarat, PAVAGADH is a favorite rock-climbing destination. In Rajasthan, the region around Mount Abu with the State Mountaineering Institute's training area, Golden Horn Spire and Adhar Devi Slabs, are ideal rock-climbing destinations.

In Maharashtra, Karla Caves, dating back to 160 B.C., harbour the largest cluster of Chaitya caves. Their sheer rock faces provide an appropriate terrain for a rock climber. Another popular adventure spot is at Bhandardara. It has beautiful lakes surrounded by majestic hills Once can trek around the surrounding hills like Ratangadh, a favourite fort of Shivaji, Kalsubai, the highest peak in Maharashtra, the sprightly Randha falls or to Amriteshwar, taht has a 1200-year old temple.

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