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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Indian Art & Craft : Sarees and Fabrics - 17

Cotton are still woven in a myraid of colours and block-printed in animal and floral motifs in every little alleyway of India. Jewel toned sarees from the southern temple town of Kanchipuram are an anachronism in the nifty black-dress culture that's swept all global capitals. Bengal offers Balunchari silk sarees and crisp cotton ones. The bridal brocade sarees, sometimes embedded with semi-precious stones and sparkling gold threaded beads from Varanasi transform well into the moderen apparel sensibility as stoles and scarves. Gold Muga silks from Assam are terrific yardage for dresses, as are the bibrant raw silks from Mysore.

Illkal sarres from Karnataka and the Narayanpet textiles from Andhra Pradesh are also much sough-after. Gadwal and Wanaparti produce materials of thick cotton, mostly in checks with a contrasting silk border. Nander is famous for its fine quality cottons sarees richly worked in gold thread with silk border. Venkatagiri manufactures sarees of the Jamdani technique with stylized motifs woven in half cotton and half gold threads. Bandhani material are made using resist-dyeing techniques popularly called Tie and Dye (internationally this technique is known by its Malay-Indonesian name "Plangi"). These patterns are commonly seen on long scarves, sarees, turbans. The prosperous state of Gujarat and the princely land of Rajasthan have long been famous for the cultivation of cotton and the sue of bright colours obtained through the dyeing process.

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