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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Indian Art & Craft : Sarees from other states - 19

Orissa's style of ikat has a long tradition dating back to the 12th century. Weavers migrated from the Patan area in Orissa, took the basic techniques which then developed over time to a unique style of flowing designs. The resist tying is done finely on two-thread units giving greater detail and fine curves. These units are tied freehand without marking out the threads beforehand.

Andhra Pradesh has some of the busiest hand weaving villages centered around a co-operative producing thousands of meters of ikat each month. They specialize in wrap ikat particularly suitable for furnishing fabrics made from cotton. Sarees are also produced, with a neverending demand as the average middle class woman owns at least 100 sarees.

Jamdanis or the figured muslins are amongst the most exclusive of Dacca muslins. These muslins had lyrical names like Shabnam (evening dew), Malmal Khas (muslin reserved for kings) and Abrawan (flowing water). The base fabric for Jamdanis is unbleached cotton yarn and the design is woven using bleached cotton yarns so that a light-and-dark effect is created.

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