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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pastor Bob : A New Horizon

Everyone on this globe has an unique ability and live for some social cause. If you agree on my sentence then one of the personality "Pastor Bob", yes, Pastor Bob on this earth working with a excellent cause to teach the principles of Holy Bible.

It is the fact, that teaching is not a easy task to stand in front of people and deliver the thoughts. It needs courage and sensitive corner of the heart to spend the knowledgeable efforts to the society. Pastor Bob is such a personality who deliver his words in a simple-minded and brawny direction that every attenders of all ages can easily learn and adopt the Bible Principles.

Guys, you can adopt the Bible Principles on Pastor Bob's Holy School the "Emergent Church" which was directed by Pastor Bob. It is a series of video and audio and specially made for whom to adopt the Principles of Bible.

I know all you are thirstily wish to reach there to get the fellowship of amazing series and classes. Guys it is not difficult to find a Church in Rancho Santa Fe. I will show you the right path to reach there. Just hit the website horizon.org. You can find here all information about the church and striking information.

Guys, do you have heard the name "Helen Woodward Animal Center"? That is it. You can find this church next to Helen Woodward Animal Center. You can link up here to acquire the essence of Bible at sharp 06.00 p.m.

Guys, apart from learning the Principles of Bible you can also gain the knowledge about marriage. I am thankful to horizon.org coz, it brings up and opened a door of knowledge on the issue of marriage. A series known as 'I Want a Better Marriage' is specially projected to all you guys to know an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions of marriage.

Really, guys all you are so lucky because Pastor Bob, a knowledgeable person guiding you on the real picture of the life. He attended to the ministry of Young Life and Youth Development Inc. at Horizon North County as a CEO of Horizon Prep and Preschool.

Guys you can also hear him on a daily radio broadcast in Southern California on KWVE 107.9 FM and KPRZ 1210 AM.

So, to know and testify the life's meaning through the Principles of Bible, everyone must rush to get the fellowship of Pastor Bob's Knowledge Bank.
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