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Friday, July 11, 2008

Indian Art and Craft : Wood Work form various states of India - 22

Ahemadabad in Gujarat is witness to some of the finest ornamental carvings of balconies in old homes. Sankheda is an important centre for lacquered furniture.The surface is pained with designs on a lacquered background. This is used to give a silver-like effect. Bedposts and cradles and toys for children are also mad here. Surat has tradition of marquetry work, which is also called Sadeli.

The Tanjore dolls of Tamil Nadu, made of wood, form a part of the rituals in temples that also have carved wooden pillars.

In Andhra Pradesh, Tirupathi's red dolls are sold at the temple complex.

Kerala has one of the richest traditions in woodcarving. Most traditional homes have a carved family temple. Kerala wood-carvers also work wonders on sandalwood and rosewood.

In Punjab, old homes have carved doors and window. Woodcarving and inlays are now practiced in Hoshiarpur. Jalandhar specializes in lacquer-turned furniture.

In Uttar Pradesh, Saharanpur is an important centre in woodcarving. screens and room-dividers with carved patterns and ivory-inlays with minute details are produced here.

Manipur is an important centre for Tarkashi, metal thread work, done in furniture. Karnataka specializes in sandalwood carving. Large boxes covered with mythological scenes are an important product of Mysore, Kumta and Sagar. In south Kanara, life-size wood carving of Buddha figures is done. Mysore has an intricate form of ivory-inlay on wood that can be seen on the ceilings and doors of the Mysore Palace.

In Orissa, the main deity of the famed Puri temple, Lord Jagannath is reproduced in wood. A number of wooden masks are also made for the traditional Sahi Jatra.

Nagaland has a traditional of manufacturing statues as well as commemorative pillars in wood.

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