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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nouveau Riche : A class of its own

Short Sales, Wholesaling, Foreclosures, Buying and Holding, Lease Options, Tax Strategies and many more. Guys, have you heard these words ever here before? Yeah! I know it. Is it somewhere related to Real Estate Investment business? Yes, you are right. Guys, in fact all are above classes offered by Real Estate Investment College of Nouveau Riche University.

I have titled it as "A Class of its own". The reason behind is that, it is one of the most knowledgeable university among the others universities on the ground of Real Estate Investment. Actually, the subject itself indicates its importance if we looked at the above words like short sales and foreclosures and many more. One can have in-depth knowledge about all above words to become a successful businessman or personality in the field of Real Estate Investment. Here this Nouveau Riche, which is a Real Estate Investment College teach you all the necessary concepts and strategies about real estate investment.

One more point I would like to add here is, Dr. Laura Palmer Noone, early president of the University of Phoenix, has been appointed as a CEO at Nouveau University. It means, this Nouveau Riche University now has got a alluring beauty in terms of knowledge and future plans for their students. This university was established by a businessperson Mr. Jim Piccolo with his own targets to serves the best practical knowledge for their students.

One more thing, I come across one Magazine named "Your Business at Home" has been featured this Nouveau Riche University in the January 2008 Issue. The important point is that this magazine selects only one company per month to boast in it's magazine. Have you heard any other name of the university like Nouveau Riche?

Guys I suggest you all, if you are looking for your bright future in the field of Real Estate Investment then it is the right time to enroll yourself at Nouveau Riche.
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