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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The World of Flowers

"We are sorry! Our site is under maintenance and we could not accept your enquiries till this time. Please welcome after sometime". This is the message displayed when I hit "RosesOnly.com". Guys, first time I have seen such type of huge Q behind one website. Normally, I judged that it is the website in the business of flowers. But my curiosity never allow me to sit quitely. Many times I have tried to open this website and after 20-25 minutes it gets opened. As all you know "The First Impression is Last Impression" same thing happend here. The thing I was searching for from couple of hours I get it here. Yeah! It is flower ... ROSE - The king of flower. A simple name that everyone can smell and throught it out. But today it has got tremendous meaning. It may go to decorate someone's house ... it may goes to take a naughty kiss on someone's lip to show the in-depth relationship and it may goes to make a strong business deal.

A flower, a bloom or blossom ... Yeah! Without its presence there is no meaning of any occasion ... That is it! I am searching for. All this signature boxed Flowers are gracefully presented in the famous Roses Only box, nestled in soft tissue paper, with a box of delicious Lindt chocolates and a small scented candle like one can keep to feel his/her beloved one with beautiful manner. Guys, it is the best time to be romantic on the special ... specail eve of the chrismas. Definately your beloved one is waiting at  beauteous gift ... just think ... if you can able to offer him/her a "Signature Long Stemmed Boxed Roses" .. then what will happen? I think, here is no need to say in detail. I am sure, she will be at your footsteps and you can see the marvelous feelings in his/her eyes. Am I right? So, I think it is time buy beautiful masterpiece to your beautiful partner. I am sure that after one year when you hit this website again it displays the message, "We are sorry ........."
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