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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mani Bhawan Gandhi Sangralaya, Mumbai - 69

Guys, Mani Bhawan Gandhi Sangralaya, Mumbai, settled at Labrunum Road at Gamdevi near Chowpatty Beach. It was the residence of iconic Mahatma Gandhi, where he used to stay from time to time between 1917 and 1934. The Museum families a pictorial gallery, personal items of Mahatma Gandhi, a 20,000 volume research library and a film and recording archive.

Mani Bhavan is tucked in one of the leafy bylanes around August Kranti Maidan. The house was convinced to a museum in 1955 and is now a huge monument of Gandhian literature and school of thought. Tourist brochures are available in all major European and Asian languages and photography is not allowed. The two storied Mani Bhavan has on display a picture or series of pictures representing a continuous scene of the major events in Gandhi's life, a photo essay (stunning is the Second Round Table Conference image, where all eyes are turned to the camera, Gandhi is completely oblivious to it) and copies of letters written by the Mahatma (the note to Hitler is catching), representing Gandhi's simplicity and humility. Nothing makes these attributes more apparent than his well preserved room, equipped with just the bare essentials and the symbolic spinning wheel (Charkha). 

Guys you can visit here from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm daily except Mondays. Entry fees: Rs. 3/-  only. You can contact to Director, Tel.: 022-3805864.

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