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Friday, November 28, 2008

Atlantic Global : A Project Management Software

Guys, many of us are working in Project Management department from a long time. They know it is the business process of making an incomparable product, service or result. A project is a bounded effort having particular start and completion dates attempted to create a quantitative deliverable. The word "Project Management" itself shows the change in promoting progress expansion by arising in steps and foreseeable growths that are tied to benchmarks, milestones and completion dates.

It is one of the most important aspect and base of any business industry where the more aspirational destination of Project Management is to carry the project through the entire Project Management life cycle. But how many of us knows the strategic planning plays a vital role in Project Management? What are the basic requirements when one can thinks over Strategic Planning? Is it vision or mission or Rules/Values? Guys, once we think over strategic planning it requires all three aspects of project management. I think one can understands the importance of strategic planning here. Guys, in fact there are some strategic management system requirement when working on any project management system. For example, it requires task based planning, time recording, budgets, project plans, resource/skill matrix, etc.

But one question rose in everyone's mind that how one can cope with all this situation? Is it there any solution available to look at the system of methods which would suit one's companies culture for developing an initial strategic plan? Yeah! Off course! The website named "Atlantic-ec.com" brings up an unique software has known as 'Atlantic Global : A Project Management Software' which has taken care of all the key attributes of strategic planning as well as every aspect of Project Management. I think it is the only one solution to manage your strategies which will help you in Project Management. So, it is the right time to make friendship with this software to execute your strategic planning.

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