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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Maharaja Sawai Man Singh (II) Museum, Jaipur (2) - 44

Guys here are some important information for my real visitors. At the present moment, there are three galleries within the museum:

Textile Gallery:

Textile Gallery is placed in the first floor of the Mubarak Mahal, is the Textile and Costume gallery. The tremendous Atamsukh, a capturing rich Banaras fabric tailor-made cloak of Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh-I is a content of astonishment. The large variety of hand block prints of Sanganer, Tie and Die Lehariya, Pashmina shawls, rosary bags, caps, Thal Poshes, 17th and 18th century cloth and fine Daca Muslin are displayed here. Musical instruments, glass cutlery and Indian games are also available within the museum.

Sileh Khana (Armoury Gallery):

The Silehkhana of the museum has been made in a attractively beautified suite of rooms. One of the biggest collection of the Indian weapons in the world are edged weapons and age-old handguns, which are displayed here in a most artistic and symbolical manner. The edge weapons are as Heavy Khanda (sword) probably of Raja Man Singh-I, swords of Mughal emperors Jehangir and Shahjahan, Talwars, pointed Guptis and Asas, night polo ball, Sawai Jai Singh's pistol and matchlock guns of 17th century Jujarba (Camel Guns), lances, Katars, Knives and Arrows of various shapes and sizes, Maces and Gunpowder flasks, and Howdahs (Elephants seat used during hunting) are also on display. Other various sections of an enticing gunpowder flasks housed with horn, ivory, leather and sea shell, beautified with exquisitely carved ivory of mother of pearl and embellished with decorate with needlework motifs. Shields made of tough crocodile, rhinoceros, antler and buffalo hide, embossed, lacquered or painted and set with boxes of chiselled steel gilt or studded with precious stones.

Art Gallery:

Art Gallery is the large and very well collection of Indian Miniature Paintings, Carpets from Kabul and Herat of 17th century, paper cuttings, illustrated and unillustrated manuscripts, decorated book covers, palm leaf and Sanchipat manuscripts, 19th century photographs and photographic instruments, items of paraphernalia and regalia are displayed in the Sabha Niwas which is now famous as Art gallery. Sets of Ragamala of 18th century, Durga Path 18th century, Srimad-Bhagavata, 18th century and the life size portraits of the rulers of Jaipur by artists sahib Ram are displayed here. The museum has also a collection of miniature paintings including two unique and priceless manuscripts of the Persian translation of the two Hindu epics, e.i. the Ramayan and the Mahabharata. The painted photograph of the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II is a special attraction of the Art gallery. There are rare bird and animal studies by Ustad Mansur, court scenes, battle scenes, portraits and mythological paintings by popular Mughal painters.

The museum encircled by visitors from all over the world especially in winters, it is found over overfilled. A separate entry fee for the Indians, foreigners and students are provided by the Museum staff as follows:

01. Entry Fees of Rs. 35/- for Indians
02. Rs. 70/- for Foreigners
03. Rs. 20/- for Students
04. Rs. 50/- for Still Camera and
05. Rs. 100/- for Video Camera

Everyone can visit here from 9.30 am to 4.45 pm. I suggested to authorities and management of schools and colleges if they have visit with a large group of students, concessional rates are available here. You can also be a part of many good workshops and other educational activities organized by the museum here especially for children. So, visit at Maharaja Sawai Man Singh (II) museum the center of attention for an outstanding feature. For further information please contact here :

City Palace, Chokri Shahad, Jaipur 302 002, India

Telephone: +91 (141) 2608055
Fax: +91 (141) 2603880

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