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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Dimension of the New Era - SaaS (Software As A Service)

Guys, "Change is Always for Better". If it is true, then we must think on any technology or concept who gives a new dimension to an individual's or an organization's progress. All you know what I mean. Now, many companies put forward their steps by off loading so many things to other small scale companies. It means, they are accepting services from them due to high margin in business profit. Actually, all you know these things.

It happens only due to the shaking hands with IT platform or field. The reason is, the importance of any software in organizations growth that is why many companies adopt the software as a service.

Let me know you the exact meaning of Saas.

Guys, Software as a service (SasS) is an example of software. The software, who distribute the forces in preparation for work where an application program is entertained as a service offered to customers across the Internet. That's it. Any doubts?

But, here, the question is why one can adopt this SaaS? You are right.

The reason is :

1. There is no need to install and run the said application on the end user's computer.

2. You need not worry about the Software Maintenance, ongoing operation and support. The company, www.Phase2Int.com take care of all these things.

3. End user have the rights to control this software and its future versions or can change it with their requirements whenever require.

4. In due course, now a days, all the necessary software services are expensive on the ground of its service cost. It means, it is better to buy it as an one time expense and which is most reasonable.

5. Most significantly, you are relaxed forever as this company offers you an unattackable trade security as a matter of its sophisticated belongings.

6. Compare to other Software Services, organization can use it as a cheap web conferencing within a stipulated time. Considering the time value, it is one of the most money saving package than any other software services who save the time and money too.

Once you purchase the SaaS, you just headed to Microsoft's applications like Microsoft Share Point, Microsoft Project Server, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Exchange, Microsofts hosted team foundation server, ShareCAD Pro, and ShareMeeting at one go. I think, it is one of its a kind of commercial enterprise solvent that every organization waiting from the beginning.

Like an advertisement, "Wherever you go, We Follow!"- the same strategy embedded in this new concept who has the power to close every employee at any corner of the world .

Any business oriented buddy can attends and avail the information on this important issue by just surfing www.Phase2Int.com website.
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