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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Adventure India : Ballooning and Nature Walks - 20


A balloon is a type of aircraft that remains aloft due to its cheerfulness that bubbles to the surface. A balloon travels by moving with the wind. It is distinct from an airship, which is a floaty aircraft that can be propelled through the air in a controlled manner.

Ballooning is a great way to see a city. New Delhi's Safadarjung Airport provides some opportunities to float past the old monuments. One can also view the Taj Mahal from a balloon flight. Bookings have to be made in advance. Ballooning events are held annually in Rajasthan's three cities - Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer

Nature Walks:

India's nature walks are conducted in breathtaking locales and allow one the chance to get away from the everyday of life and enjoy the peacefulness of nature. Let the peace and quiet of the nature walks in the picturesque locales allow you to restore yourself. The soothing experience is well worth the effort and can be quite a thoughtful experience. The walks allow you chance to chew over and truly make you feel one with nature. Your experience is heightened by the wealth of bird and animal life that are found in the region. So go ahead.. Give your self a break where you literally stop by the wayside to smell the flowers.

Two of India's most exciting national parks. namdhapha and Kaziranaga in the hill states of North-East have always held a very special attraction for nature lovers. Walking strictly restricted in most Indian Tiger REserves, is encouraged in Namdhapha and permitted in parts of Kaziranga, providing excellent viewing opportunities. Experiencing wildlife is especially good, but the main emphasis of this trip is the mosaic of tribal cultures one encounters. There are few trips as richly diversified as this one.

Best Time : November to mid-March

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