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Friday, August 15, 2008

Shopping In India : Get your Banaras, Amru, Jamvar, Navrangi, Jamdani and Patola Silk - 5

Guys, every part of India offers its own special variety of rich silk and its own individual colors and weaves. The bridal brocade saris sometimes embedded with semi precious stones and sparkling gold threaded beads from Benaras transform well into the modern apparel sensibility as stoles and scarves. Gold Muga silk from Assam make great yardage for dresses, as do the vibrant raw silks from Bangalore, the heart of India's sericulture trade.

Varanasi, formerly known as Banaras is one of the leading silk sari producing centers of India. It is known for its heavy hold-silver brocades for which hair-thin wires of gold are used with silk yarn for weaving. Amru silk, Jamvar, Navrangi (nine colors) and Jamdani are all brocades from Varanasi.

Patola silk saris are the pride of Gujarat. These saris are created by using the resist dyeing technique. Patola saris are of tow kinds: the 'Rajkot Patola', that is vertically-resist dyed (single ikat), and the 'Patan Patola', horizontally-resist dyed (double ikat). Patola saris are known for their flaming bright colors and geometric designs interspersed with folk motifs.

So, travelers if you are on the tour of India, you must buy any silk sari for your beloved one as a joyful memory of my "Great India".

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