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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shopping In India : A New India Shopping Experience - 21

Guys, India is a Shopping Hub. You can get here anything you want to buy. Just take a look at here, lot of fantastics products are waiting for you. Just go for shopping and grab the never ending experience of it.

Indian metros are fast turning into havens for products symbolising a Western lifestyle. Its generation X kids thrive on a staple diet of Coke, Pepsi, Wimpy's and Macdonald's burgers and plenty of Baskin Robbins ice creams. Frozen foods (fish, meats and vegetables), tined fruits and juices, ready to eat/cook packed stuff, jostle for space on the shelves of food stores. Exotic fresh products like broccoli, avocados, lettuce, celery and leeks vie for attention along with their indigenous counterparts.

Nearly all international reputed wristwatches are available in India now. They include Omega, Cartier, Citizen, Rado, Baume & mercier, Piaget and Longines. Lingerie, swimwear and other accessories once sourced from abroad, are freely available in major departmental stores.

This is not restricted to any specific product. Mobile phones, pagers, handy video games, cameras, VCP/Rs, electronic toys (besides stuffed, soft ones), dish antennas, hi-fi music systems, CDs, home theater systems, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners have all made inroads into homes at a fanatical pace.

With further liberalization of India's free import policy implemented recently, there is expected to be a greater influx of internationally acclaimed brand names in the near future.

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