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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shopping In India : Paithani Silk, Chanderi Sari, Kosa Silk, Baluchari Sari, Tussar Silk, Sambalpuri, Maheshwari Sari of India - 6

Guys, here I am exploring the patterns and the places which are well known for silks.

Paithani silk saris from Maharashtra come in contrasting color combinations. Paithanis are generally decorated with a gold dot or coin motif.

Ganeshpur, a village in Bhandara district in Maharastra is famous for the Kosa silk (cocoon). In this village silk has been produced and exported ever since 1871.

The state of Madhya Pradesh is famous for Chanderi, Maheshwari and Tussar silk saris.

Chanderi sari is known for its soft colors and the harmonious balance between the border and the body of the sari. These saris are also known for their contrasting colors ant he depiction of animal and human figures on them.

Maheshwari sari has elaborate patterns and border, with exotic motifs done in zari and pleasant colors, both inspired by nature.

Tussar silk or Kosa silk is valued for its purity and texture as it is available naturally in shades of gold-pale, dark, honey, tawny, beige and cream. Tussar is a special variety of silk, as the cocoons are raised on Arjun and Sal trees. Tussar silk is also produced in Bihar.

Bomki Sambalpuri saris from Orissa are in single and double ikat. In contrast to the ikats of Gujarat, thee saris are sober in color and decorated with curved forms.

Murshidabad, West Bengal is home of the famous Baluchari sari. The Baluchar technique of weaving uses in twisted silk thread for weaving brocades. The 'pallu' (sari part that goes across the shoulder) of this sari has patterns that resemble miniature paintings.

Heavy silk saris from Tanjore, Kumbakonam and Kanchipuram in Tamil nadu are known for their decorative borders and contrasting colors from Kolegal and Molkalmoru in karnataka have a simple that weave with parrot motif on the borders, the ikat always being white. Sangareddy and Dharamaswaram in Andhra Pradesh too, specialize in ikat silk weave.

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