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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shopping In India : Indian Handicrafts - 8

How many you guys very well known to Indian Handicraft? I know all you never put attention to Indian Handicraft and even creativity of our grand parents who deliver beautiful and meaningful art to our nation and next generation.

Guys, every state of India showcases its products at fixed rates at the Cottage Industries Emporium in major cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai.

Available are artefact's in bronze, brass, ivory, marble or wood. You will find statues, lamp shades, chairs delicate filigree work on ivory and silver, marble inlaid with precious colored stones, enamel work, 'Kundan' or 'Meenakari' jewellery of Rajasthan, silver from Orissa and pearls from Hyderabad. Brasswork from Jaipur, black stylized vases and urns from Pembarthi and the polished brass mirrors of Aranmula have today evolved into design statements.

Everywhere in India one finds idols and statues in temples and on the streets. It was natural that sculpting skills be developed. The granite and bronze sculptures of south India have continued an unbroken lineage from the Chola period dating back a thousand years. The ever-popular Lord Ganesh, God of prosperity, assumes various forms humble clay, stone to metal.

Marble sculptures are found mostly in the north and one can pick up a cornucopia of typical inlaid hand-moulded jars, plates, and latticed panels. Boxes plaques, bowls in sandstone and soapstone can be picked up as you stroll along the colorful bazaars of south India's towns. Blue-black phyllite is used by carvers in Santhal-Parganas in Bengal.

Arts is ageless. From the primitive cave paintings of Bhimbetka, to the cubist influenced M.F. Hussain, all hues of India show up in galleries and shops. An interesting buy are folk paintings from Madhubani, in which women paint symbolic fertility pictures with natural pigments.

Guys, one can have at least one hand made article to your house to keep Indian Handicraft alive.

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