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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shopping In India : Sharpen your bargaining skills - 2

Guys and my beloved tourists, may I have your attention please on important issue while all you are on the visit of India.

Just read about India before leaving. This will give a better understanding of its social surroundings. Check with your hotel about shopping hours and closing days before you set out to shop. India does not have the culture of large super markets and departmental stores (excluding major cities) like in your countries.

Major cities have government emporiums with fixed prices and quality goods. They may sometimes be a bit more expensive than roadside shops but are reliable. Every city has a local bazaar. Bargaining is routine. Compare prices before bargaining for an item. You could start your research at the fixed-price government emporiums.

Establish goodwill. Never insult the merchant. Let the seller (shopkeeper) make the first offer. Using add numbers such as Rs. 550/- for example, may lead the merchant to think you are a seasoned and an intense bargainer. Start with a 40% discount from the asking price. Your next offer should be 35%. The seller will probably counter with a 20% discount.

Books and Music:

India is the perfect place to pick up good quality fiction, coffee table and college books at almost 40% less than prices in the West. There are some interesting cassettes and CDs available on Indian classical music in Planet M and Music World stores present in major cities.

So come here-n-enjoy and return back with memorable moments.

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