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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shopping In India : Know your cotton - 7

Guys, after silk sari one can must know about cotton. India has wide range of cotton saris delivered to the world ever. Here is an information about some popular cotton saris specially for you.

Jamdanis are amongst the most exclusive of muslins. These muslins have lyrical names like Shabnam (eveing dew), Malmal Khas (muslin reserved for kings) and Abrawan (flowing water). The base fabric for Jamdanis in unbleached cotton yarn and the design is woven using bleached cotton yarns so that a shadow effect is created.

Venkatagiris are saris of the Jamdani technique with stylized motifs woven in half cotton and half gold threads.

Ikat saris from Karnataka and the Narayanpet textiles from Andhra Pradesh are sought after cotton textiles. Gadwal and Wanaparti produce materials of thick cotton , mostly in checks with a contrasting silk border and pallu worked in gold. Nander is famous for its fine quality cotton saris richly worked in gold thread with silk border.

Bandhani materials are made using resist dyeing techniques popularly known as "Tie and Dye". These patterns are commonly seen on long scarves (chunnis), saris and turbans. The state of Gujarat and the princely land of Rajasthan have long been famous for practising this style.

Kalamkari - The Coromandel Coast of India has been the source of some of the most beautiful floral-designed cotton fabrics using brushes or pens. This painted cloth of Southeast India had been known as "Pintado" by the Portuguese and "Chints" by the English.

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