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Monday, August 25, 2008

Shopping In India : Jewellery Styles - 18

Guys, I am exploring here some styles of Indian Jewellery which shows the ancient trend of Indian women.

Meenakari and Kundan are styles from Jaipur and Delhi influenced by the Mughals. The jewellery can be worn on both sides. The temple jewellery of Nagercoil has traditional gold ornaments studded with red and green semi-precious stones.

In Assam, soft 24 carat gold is fashioned into earrings and necklaces modelled on local flora and fauna. For instance, earrings resembling the orchid.

In Nagaland, gold is used to craft imitations of the human head and long funnel shaped beads are used in combination with shells, animal claws and teeth and precious and semi-precious stones.

The designs in solid gold jewellery of Tamil Nadu and Kerala are inspired by nature.

Silversmiths of Himachal Pradesh craft large delicate and intricate ornaments. Head-dresses called chak, long earrings and large nose-rings with peepal leaf or bird motifs are the specialties of the region. In Ladhakh, silver charm boxes and head-dresses called perk with rows of turquoise, carnelian, coral and agate stitched onto it, are a common sight.

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