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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shopping In India : Furniture Made In India - 15

Guys, in last article 14. Shopping In India : Furniture Made in India - 14 you have read out the history of Indian Furniture. Now I am exploring here the various types of Indian Furniture for your reference. Just have a look.

One can also find white metal furniture in the desert state. Metal furniture has come from royal families in India that clad some wooden furniture pieces with gold or silver sheets, especially for ceremonial purposes. The concept became popular and gradually the gold and silver was replaced by the white to make it economically viable.

Papier-mache, popular in some parts of the country, has been put to to skillful use by artisans in Rajasthan to manufacture unique and attractive looking pieces of furniture including chairs, couches, benches and seats, cabinets and container shelves.

Sankheda from Gujarat is known for its colourful toys and wooden furniture. Other Gujarathi wood crafted products include candle holders, decorative tableware, wooden fruit, nut and salad bowls, tray-cum-side table, dinner set, soup bowls and a range of cutlery.

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