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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shopping In India : MUMBAI - Shop till you Drop! - 22

Guys, cosmopolitan Mumbai is a shopper's paradise with an amazing diversity of goods from expensive European antiques, local spices, electrical goods and silks. Being the centre of the Indian clothing trade, it caters to all styles and budgets. It is also home to a number of tailors who will make clothes swiftly at a reasonable cost.

Some must see places are –

Fashion Street, on M.G. Road between Cross Maidan and Azad Maidan, is a row of market stalls selling export surplus garments. Here one can get some good bargains.

"Antique" Indian furniture is available in Chor Bazaar (flea market). While the age of purchases cannot be guaranteed, visitors should trust either their luck or their eyes and haggle intensely.

For inexpensive quality gift items, the Central Cottage Industries Emporium, Shivaji Marg, between Apollo Bunder and Regal, is open Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The Oberoi and Taj Hotels both have air-conditioned shopping arcades with an interesting range of boutiques selling ready made garments, handbags and jewellery.

No trip to Mumbai is complete without a visit to the bazaars - Chor Bazaar, mutton Street, near Sir J.J. Road for bric-a-brac, furniture and junk, Zaveri Bazaar for jewellery, Dhaboo Street Bazaar, Bhaboo Street, for leather goods and Crawford Market, Dr. D. Navroji Road / Carnac Road, for fruits and vegetables. Markets are generally open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

There are a number of open-air second-hand bookstalls near the university, around Chowk Fountain.

Major shopping areas are Fashion Street, Colaba Causeway, Phrozeshah Mehta Road, World Trade Centre at Cuffe Parade, Breach Candy, Linking Road at Bandra. Departmental Stores such as Amarsons at Breach Candy and Crossroads at Tardeo amongst many others, are becoming increasingly popular, as is Cotton World at Colaba Causeway. The Heera Panna Shopping Centre offers numerous choices from garments, toys to watches and electronics.

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