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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A New India Shopping Experience : Hyderabad - From Pearls to Happiness - 23

Every shopping area of the city has its mood and tone. Savour the true Hyderabad culture by shopping in the old city around the ancient monument of Charminar to buy the famous Hyderabadi bangles, surma (natural kajal) and gold lace. Lad Bazaar, the famous lane of bangles, is an exciting bazaar, reminiscent of medieval marts. Ever since the Nizam's patronage of the pearl industry. Hyderabad has remained the premier centre of buying, sorting and selling of pearls. (Interestingly, the pearls come from Japan for polishing and grading and are then patterned into strings, jewellery, or simply sold by weight).

Around Charminar, is another item associated with the former royals - bidri ware. It's a fine art of inlaying silver into a jet alloy formed by lead, zinc and tin. Souvenirs in bidri include key rings, cufflinks, vases and presentation boxes.

Leepakshi, the state's handicrafts emporium on Gun Foundry Road, is the show window for cottage crafts. It also has handlooms and hand-woven fabrics such as Ikat, Pochampallis woven in both silk and cotton, and the traditional art of Kalamkari-fabric painted in different colours with a stylized pen. Fabric shops can be found on Nampalli Road and Kukharam Jahi Road.

General Bazaar, has everything from pins to piano and from fabrics to antiques. one can also get steel, bars and copper vessels, needle work, craft paraphernalia, and great saris. Close by, is the Pot Market. It's a must visit for silver jewellery connoisseurs.

Somajjiguda and Begumpet have numerous retail outlets for branded gear, designer boutiques and home decor / interiors furnishings. The two areas reflect the cosmopolitan culture of the city. Also located here are three of the largest retail outlets of the twin cities, Shopper's Stop, Lifestyle and Pantaloons. There are also a number of good restaurants to take a break in.

Asia's Largest Shopping Festival:

An annual event, the Great Mall of Hyderabad is a combination of the events and 'joi de vivre' of shopping festivals held around the world. It is a blend of the best, offering a rich cultural extravaganza, with great shopping opportunities and entertainment. The entire city of Hyderabad wears a celebratory and festive look during the month. All the major STD booths in the city are converted into interactive cyber kiosks. Specially made designer coaches move around the city, taking visitors from one venue to another.

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